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Rawat pitched his North Indian dialect to perfection and also narrated Ramayana and Sholay movie in Agri accent to provide wholesome entertainment. The movie is touted to be a rom-com with Dhanya and Suraj Gowda playing the lead roles.

Jayawant Bhalerao was great with his poetic flourishes. Suriya-Selvaraghavan's film is yet another unoriginal political thriller. The brief nap seems to be boon from heaven for them with the tiresome journey all through the day that earns them their hay and the owner his daily living.

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Flix Rajkumar's granddaughter, Dhanya Ramkumar, 3d creatures songs to make her Kannada debut The movie is touted to be a rom-com with Dhanya and Suraj Gowda playing the lead roles. On display you will find quite a variety of gifts and items all created by them.

Imprudent to remake Sholay Ramesh Sippy

The actor also congratulated director Manu and scriptwriters Bobby and Sanjay for making such a brilliant film. Kangana Ranaut is over the moon. The video was captured by his year-old daughter whom the man planned to hang as well. How Malayalam cinema has portrayed people with disability.

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Jewellery from semi-precious stones, decorative and scented candles, indoor and outdoor plants, incense sticks, bags made from jute, satin and paper and pouches. Jiiva's thriller is beyond ridiculous. The event emphasised on the importance of clean environment, conservation of energy and water.

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Over participants joined the walkathon in solidarity, to create awareness about the importance and advantages of clean being environment friendly. When we visited the institute a few years ago, we found it to be thoroughly inspiring.

Some people were flung out of the auto while others were charred to death on the spot after an overhead cable snapped due to the impact of the accident. The police said that the men were irked after the bus driver refused to give them way on the road despite their repeated honking.

Film posters Good movies Movie tv

Local senior citizens were also felicitated at the event. This farmer may lose his son to cancer without urgent treatment, your donation will help them. Mahesh Babu's simplistic drama is strictly for the fans. Telangana gets back govt buildings allocated to Andhra in Hyderabad. How the Telugu superstar built his action hero image.

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The government is yet to receive confirmation on the virus from the Virology Institute in Pune, but is taking preventive measures. Entertainment News Sports. Police identified the youth as R Shanthakumar, who was killed after he fell to the ground following the accident on Kamarajar Salai. And the energetic toddlers displayed their eagerness without really minding the high humidity and harsh sunshine. Gold-medalist swimmer from city kills himself.

And there's so much to choose from. But their hardship bore fruits as they were leading the campaign to promote clean environment. The tiny tots also planted saplings all along the walkathon course.