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In essence, by legitimizing his role the colonizer learns that his identity and his image of the superior culture is constructed. The Colonizer and the Colonized. Thus, students find themselves depending on them, believing that they, too, will get the privileges of having to spend the day with someone whose characteristics are so amazing and captivating.

The colonized have ultimately two answers to the colonial system. Because they are excluded from government, they become less interested in government. This isolation cuts off the state of being amazing, which turns admiration to hatred, and then cuts off the dependence of the learners to the teachers. Like the colonizer who refuses, the colonizer who accepts his role as usurper is also aware of his illegitimate privilege. In order to keep the salaries of the colonizers high and their cost of living low, there must be high competition among the native laborers.

The colonizer who refuses recognizes the colonial system as unjust, and may withdraw from the conditions of privilege or remain to fight for change. But now having read it, I have to say its one of the profound books I've read in recent memory.

Although Memmi joined the colonized rather than the colonizer, he says he understood why the Jews chose the side of the French. As such, I hesitated to pick it up initially. The Muslim majority was the most oppressed. In other words, the birth rate must rise in order for the system to perpetuate itself.

The more the colonialist oppresses the colonized, the more he realizes the atrocity of the role he has chosen. This ends up the feeling of dependence on the side of the teachers, especially when students are not precisely their friends, or when they have not developed a certain bonding with their students. By revolting the colonized reject all colonizers, whether they be refusers or colonialists, as well as their language. The Two Solutions of the Colonized Telos of the Colonial System According to Memmi, the colonial system is fundamentally unstable and will lead to its own destruction. It is best to acknowledge this predicament and offer an appreciation of it, than to simply ignore it and leave one open to accusations of ignorance or foolhardiness.

Colonizer and the Colonized by Albert Memmi

Revolt often embraces religion and tradition and the colonized must find identity first, and thrust themselves, however precariously, back into a history. Because the colonial system has not provided a democratic process, the other option is revolt.

If anything, that historical experience should count against the irrational optimism about human nature that progressives tend to uncritically project onto the world. Although Memmi bases his examples on events in North Africa, he states that the dynamics he describes are similar in any colonial system.

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The first, assimilation, is impossible because the colonizer will not allow it. They are not inclined to leave the colony for their mother country, however, because they are able to live a more comfortable life in the colony. His hatred of the usurped grows.

The Jews joined the French in the streets of Algiers during independence uprisings. The Italians, although not as well off as the French, were also privileged. The candidates for assimilation ultimately remain outcasts, however, because for the colonial system to perpetuate itself, it must not allow assimilation. During its colonial period, Tunisia was home to French colonizers, Italians, Tunisian Muslims, and a minority of Jews.

Therefore, teachers should fill up this strong, undeniable dependence set to them trustingly by the learners. Since all resources go to the colonizer despite the need for increased resources by the growing colonized population, the standard of living of the colonized inevitably goes down. Thus, the courage of the colonized is destroyed, leading to deficiencies in self-assurance and pride. Europeans living in colonies often consider themselves to be in exile. In the colony, he has superior status and his standard of living is far above what it would be in Europe.

Unlike the Muslims, they passionately endeavored to identify themselves with the French. Therefore he is a usurper. The best part I thought was about the leftist who hates colonialism, but also ends up hating and fearing the means and goals of those he seeks to defend from its ravages. The Jew turned his back happily on the East.

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