Amp hook up to stock radio, buck pomerantz

Speaker via speaker wire to crossover, crossover via speaker wire to amp. Nice way to help people who are still dealing with basic audio upgrades though, website dating very easy to follow diagram. Don't forget to test your rem wire before you assume it works. Always be careful with electricity.

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How to hook up subs and amp to stock stereo in car

Buck Pomerantz

Amp hook up to stock radio

If you no longer wish to receive the call, please click the button to cancel your request. Your amp could be installed near the speaker in the trunk or under a seat. Craig, You may find it easier to go ahead and run the factory rear speakers off the amplifier until you get replacements.

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Can't I just ground each at the chassis? For Tech Support, call Begin chat. The only way I get a difference is if I change it to rear and rear and lose my subs. Any help is much appreciated!

  • Rodrigo, You can use Y-cords to get four amp inputs from two receiver outputs, but you'll lose the front-to-rear fader function.
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  • If you do experience light-dimming along with the music, check out this article for help solving that.

If I connect the sub to the rear speakers, I will lose bass output if I adjust the fader to shift the sound forward in the car. Leo, It will do no harm leaving your inline fuses connected, nor will it hurt anything connecting your capacitor anywhere you want on the power line. Dan, A relay to control the turn-on circuit of a system doesn't become necessary until there are about three or more devices on that circuit. When I turn the volume up it doesnt make a difference for the tweeters. Is this actually how it should be done?

So I really need to get some good advice. Because those amplifiers have line-level outputs, you can daisy-chain their connections to get inputs. Check out How to connect an amplifier to a factory system for help with that. Last thing you need is a dead battery. Another way would be to get a line output converter along with your amplifier.

Also the head unit is an alpine Bluetooth etc head unit I can get the model number off the box if need be. By submitting images, you agree to our terms and conditions. Your help is always appreciated, thank you. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. You are in line to receive a call from.

Should I wire them seperately or keep them the way I have them. The remote turn-on lead in the diagram shows it being split from the receiver and going to two amps. Is it as simple as using any one of the two subwoofer-out rca's on the head unit or is there more to it? An online search ought to bring up at least one car stereo dealership somewhere near you. Brooker, I'd have to know exactly what amplifiers you have and how powerful they are, in order to answer the question of what wiring to use.

Amplifier Wiring Diagrams How to Add an Amplifier to Your Car Audio System

Adding subwoofer to stock car radio

Hook up amplifier to stock radio

Currently only front doors and back dash speakers are functional how can I wires in the rear door speakers? The factory sound and get the bass I'm looking for. My amp is already installed and I just bought a new sub. Tomas, A distribution block isn't required in a multi-amp system, thai matchmaking agency it just makes wiring easier and neater.

Figure out where you're going to place the amp, put the beginning of your power red wire there and give it about a foot of wire extra, then begin to hide and run the power wire to under the hood. Also, have a amp alternator. If the fuse stays intact, go ahead and turn on your receiver and see if the fuse remains intact and your amps power up. They'll come free when you order from us. Demond, I think so, catholic sexuality dating as long as you leave the factory wiring connected to them.

Is that too much for the factory small gauge wiring? And do you see any problems with this set up? Love your work Crutchfield!

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You show the positive connection from the battery, and the components grounding to the chassis. Is there any information that you would be able to give me to help me out? Kimo, couples dating from dwts It's perfectly alright to run a second power wire to your battery to power a second amplifier. Are power distrubution blocks absolutely necessary if I was installing two amps in the same system? This Lightning Audio L for example.

How to Wire an Amp to a Sub and Head Unit 12 Steps

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My cap is powerful enough to have both connected. My question, should i get A fuse or A fuse in line fuse holder near the battery? Turn the gain all the way down, start playing music and turn it up to where you usually listen, where the mids sound good. This article was written by the It Still Works team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information.

As for the grounds - the rule of thumb is to ground your amplifiers to the same spot, so as to not encourage ground loops. And the fade function won't work for that pair of speakers, so picking the appropriate pair to wire together becomes a consideration. Your reply will be sent to Continue where you left off. Any more than that would require a relay to provide enough volt current to work. Your amp circuit breaker protects your power cable and car from catching fire in the event of a short circuit.

Mike, That wiring kit will be fine for those two amplifiers as long as the main power cable run is no longer than about thirteen feet. If it immediately blows, it indicates there is something dreadfully wrong with the power wiring, probably a short circuit to ground. Keith, Are you planning on installing four full-range speakers and then adding more tweeters? Any help you could provide would be appreciated. However, there are in-helmet sound systems that may work for head-banging.

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For inside speakers, How and where do I intercept the stock wiring to be routed to the amp? How would I wire from my factory radio to the amp if it doesn't have those outputs? Will the wires still match up on the aftermarket radio I purchased? Oh well, you can just pull the radio and tag the speakers there, you'll have to get an ignition source for the remote wire and its all behind the radio. If you want a question answered about a system, you must identify the gear by brand names and model numbers so we can get the right information to you.

Only then should you plan on any electrical upgrade. Click on this link for details. Good luck it will make a huge improvment.

How to hook up subs and amp to stock stereo in car

What would happen if you hooked it up and the subs blew? Dana, It sounds to me like everything you have is hooked up just fine and safely. Is this the best way to hook it all up? Connect your amplifier or powered sub to your car's stock head unit. Stock car stereo systems usually do not pack much punch.

Make sure this wire is safe from any moving objects. All products are possible, so the recommendations would still be appreciated. Since I don't have an aftermarket head unit I'm using a line output converter from my sub line going to a factory sub.

  1. Richard, Call Crutchfield Tech Support for help.
  2. If you want to power a subwoofer you will need to run the proper-size power wiring to the battery.
  3. This diagram shows the general layout of an amp's wiring system without showing crossed wires, which could be confusing.
  4. And you could call Tech Support for free lifetime help with your system.
  5. An Amplifier Replacement Interface may be necessary.
  6. Place the amp where you want it, then attach the ground black or brown wire to the amp.

The remote turn-on from your receiver should handle two amplifiers just fine. Would an rca y-split cable be of use in this situation, would it be detrimental, or is it even necessary at all? Related articles Car amplifier buying guide.

Adding subwoofer to stock car radio Polk Audio

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