Neal Caffrey's Relationships on White Collar

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They were also rivals for Kate's affections. Although Mozzie doesn't trust the government, he seems to trust Neal. Peter snorted and grimaced with distaste.

He has a knack at taking what means the most to people to get what what he wants. When she finds out what he did, she agrees to help him find the answers he wants. Neal finds that in order to free Kate, he must find the music box. The second because she streaked across campus in college after she lost a bet.

It is later revealed that Vincent Adler was responsible for Kate's murder. June first met Neal while in a thrift store when she offered him a room in her luxurious home where he stays throughout the series. She is now the owner of Burke Premiere Events. Harper is the cause of the horrible green screens seen in the beginning of season two.

Tiffani was offered a role on Charmed in after Shannen Doherty left, but she turned it down. He had to leave Detroit because he conned the local mob boss there.

Neal poured himself another glass of wine. It's a touching progression between Burke and Caffrey, former foes themselves. It seemed like a good idea. It was the type of knock that only a law enforcement officer would make. Peter looked questioningly at his partner who shrugged with uncertainty.

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Neal carried over a glass and half-filled bottle of gin for his old companion. After spending three years attempting to catch Neal, he finally did, and Neal went to prison for almost four years. It is suggested that Neal took her away from Keller or that Keller tried to take her away from Neal.

She is sometimes seen treating Neal like her own son. This time the sound was muted and hesitant. Morales left the show before production of the second season. Before he could choose, the plane Kate is on explodes and she is killed.

Neal, pausing in his scrutiny of an image of an aged manuscript, hurried to answer the summons. Peter spent three-years chasing Caffrey the first time. At first, Sara tries to have Neal arrested for the theft of a painting. They also played a game of Chess that they never finished.

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They dated briefly before Neal hooked up with Kate. Mozzie at one point claims that he thought Elizabeth's company was merely a front for Peter, and she tells him that sometimes there is no front.

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