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After a month and a half of mostly quiet, single living, Chipz began to experience issues with headaches. She warned Chipz that Lanfear and her sister Oathmeal were the keys to the Cycles, and if her heart was broken it could force them to begin a new Cycle, resetting everything. Chipz powers in this form are unknown, though he is shown to be much stronger and more capable in combat. She told Chipz he had to take the test now, there was no other way. Chipz was suddenly back in front of the fire, the entire fight having been a trial of sorts that he had passed, obtaining a new form.

Finally, tension between the two boiled over, when Chipz followed her into the Archive. After this, Chipz is asked to look after Rob's club while he is away for a while, with a Chip being put in his arm to sway his actions more in line with what Rob would do in the situation. According to Izzy, whatever happened during that time that lead to the group going their separate ways would make Chipz want to kill her. In the end, Chipz own nature lead to his relationship with Ayytrox collapsing as well. She forced him to do battle with her Battle Form, a giant red beast-esk Kimple wielding a giant axe.

The two did not listen of course, leading to Chipz shooting this universe's Chipz, before they both fled. When he attempts to confront her on why she was hanging out with the Renegades when he asked her not to, he has a panic attack and collapses. Text posts A text post should have sufficient text in its body to either strengthen the title, create discussion or add more information.

Despite coming off very strongly, and initially being off putting to Chipz, they slowly began to form a connection, despite the meddling of Roflgator. Despite being the favored contestant and a friend, Mewpix was ultimately rejected. You also acknowledge and agree that you are not offended by nudity and explicit depictions of sexual activity.

Chipz convinced her during the battle that the trial should not be of raw strength, but that strength of heart was more important. Their time together was not meant to last it seemed however. They went on several dates, eventually leading to him showing her his club, Club Rouge finally being his own.

Finally tension between the two boiledChipz was horribly defeated and he

From here on out, threat of a Mob War over Lanfear were a constant axe over both side's necks. Lanfear and everyone else was kept in the dark about Chipz state, for their own good he and Kimple said, though in the end they were able to figure it out themselves.

Chipz kicked down a bathroom stall door, and held Hydrand at gun point until he could be detained by police and held on trial, where he was found guilty and sent to prison. Chipz seemed to extremely dislike Joey over the fact that he kept up a Harem, something that by past experience Chipz believed would only lead to pain for the people he wrapped up in it. Chipz was able to accept his death to an extent, though his growing illness and frequent blackouts caused a great deal of worry with his friends.

Chipz can, within a certain radius, shroud others in darkness, as shown to Lanfear twice, limiting their vision to an enclosed sphere. As Kimple put it, his Metadata was leaking.

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Chipz said that it was best for everyone he was dead, and that she would move on, before him and Ayytrox left that Universe back to their own. After several dates, and drama flared by both Rob and Monika - who also had a thing for Chipz- the two were eventually engaged and wedded. During one serenade session, he was confronted by several people all vying for his affection.

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All of this can of course be appealed by messaging us. This was the climax of a long, growing feud between Chipz and his friend, but despite everything Chipz refused to defend himself. Chipz was horribly defeated, and he died there that day, though they did not know it. Chipz can go invisible in a blink of an eye, as shown twice by accident, and used beneficially during a meeting with Zentreya. Chipz found the book, and after being transported to some ruins, he threw the book in the fire, giving life to the Broken Boy, who he named Book.

Any link post not featuring wrestling itself, or in relation to a wrestling show or the wrestling industry, is subject to removal. Times unknown that have yet to be fleshed out or explored. He knew they still loved each other despite the strain on their relationship. Chipz serenaded Sury, aka Dyrus, in the Pug, on January, where Dyrus decided to host it just for him to serenade the crowd. The ground split as the floor glitched out with green energy, believed to be some kind of Cycle radiation Or Space aids as the viewers named it.

Chipz can go invisible in a