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This was the first film to be given the Government subsidy and also the first Telugu film to be screened in Soviet Russia. We are just creating an Archive of Telugu lyrics for the next generation.

Evvari Kosam Ee Mandahasam. The song was picturized on Chiru and Sobhana.

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None of the material changure bangaru raja song used for commercial changure bangaru raja song. For the s actress, pf withdrawal form 19 10c see Rajashree actress. The movie was a commercial failute in spite of the awesome songs composed by Ilaya Raja. The movie starts off with Sakuni sapadham and ends with rAjasUya yAgam.

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Neepaina naakento anuraagamundani. Aana Valarthiya Vanampadiyude Makan.

Geetha Devi starts loving Bujjibabu. Payaninche mana valapulu Pathos. Released in and directed by K Bala Chandar. After a while, Suman has a severe and that affects his spine and is advised by doctors not to do samsaaram with his wife. This is the third after SubhalEkha and swayamkRshi and last movie in the combination of Viswanath-Chiru.

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Manasu Oka Mandaram female. The Kannada film Thejaswini, produced by M.

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This movie disappointed every one financially. The rights belong to respective owners. Bugga Gillagane Saripoyinda?

This was the first film based on the Salt Satyagraha movement. Adiseshayya Nagaiah has two sons and a daughter. The song was picturized on Mohan. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Ego problems arise between Sobhan Babu and Sujatha and they stay seperated after having a son and finally they unite together. This song is inspired from a duet in a Jitendra starrer, Jigri Dost originally composed by Lakshmikant-Payarelal.

Suhasini is a client of Sobhhan Babu who is an attorney and Vijaya Santhi misunderstands them and accuse an illicit relation between them. Sobhan plays duels roles father and son with Sujatha and Vijayasanthi in this movie. Jaya Sudha plays as a strong-willed single mom. Released in and directed by Bapu. Sreerastu Subhamastu Sreevariki sad.

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The song was picturized on Krishna and Vijaya Nirmala. Probably this is the only duet that Yesudaas sang for Chiru. He lives with his brother Gummadi and sister-in-law Santha Kumari, wife of the director Pullaiah.

While Kamal played the hero role in both versions, Rajani Kanth and Chiru played the role of sadistic, ex-husband of the heroine in Tamil and Telugu respectively. The song was picturized on Sobhan Babu and Vijaya Santhi. The song was picturized by Kamal Hassan and Jaya Prada. Maama recycled his original Tamil tune for this song. Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations.

The song was picturized on pre-teen characters of Krishnam Raju and Sujatha. He spends horrible life without food and forced to join as a domestic worker in the house of Geetha Devi Kanchana. After becoming a star, he goes home and finds them to be facing many problems. Rama Krishna plays double roles good and evil and the movie has a patriotic theme.

The song comes while the titles roll on at the beginning of the movie. Sobhan Babu suffers from a brain disease and he knows that it would be deadly some day. Though Sobhan Babu excelled in the emotional father role, the movie was a commercial failure as the director could not successfully capture the spirit of the original movie. Manasu Padindi Sannayi Pata.

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The song was picturized on Ranganadh while singing in a radio station. Dabbuku lOkam dAsOham title song.

The song was picturized on Nuthan Prasad in the Satan role. The song was picturized on Raghava Gogineni and Santhi Priya also used to be called Nishanthi in the beginning of her career. Released in and directed by Vijaya Nirmala.

Initially, Ghantasala was supposed to sing this song. Your email address will not be published.

Though the movie was a commercial failure, it fetched a national award Nargis Dutt Award. Together we can come to a right answer. Hence both during the shooting of Bama Vijayam and everytime she met actor Nagesh, he would always call her as Dhiglazhagi as in the film, a thief refers to her by that name. This led to her receiving films in Hindi as well. With the success of her debut Malayalam film, Rajsree was always credited throughout her Malayalam film career as Gracy.