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And you crave for more of it in the end. Ashok Kumar is brilliant in his depiction of one of the most memorable characters- Julius Nagendranath Wilfred Singh. Now comes the twist in the tale. It shows the reality of some shy guys, who are considered to be unsuccessful in their work and personal life. As the witty and kind Colonel Julius Nagendranath Wilfred Singh, he is hilarious, likable and memorable.

Really a classic comedy, it is also a film which has thoughts or ideas ahead of it's time. Mujhe Pyar Tumse Nahin Hain. Basu Chatterjee's best romantic comedy.

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And clearly this would not be so believable without Amol Palekar's great portrayal. It tells us more than its characters narrates the story. Asrani is an excellent rival, sliming his way into the girl's heart. The movie has a promising start and a generally good first half but the second half fails to impress. Great movies which have an army man as protagonist.

Chhoti Si Baat Movie Cast. Free wallpapers download of Chhoti Si Baat movie, hero, heroine, k7 antivirus key etc is available in our Gallery section. Chhoti Si Baat trivial thing is the story of a shy accountant - Arun Amol Palekar who is not smart and just too simple to find things his way.

Golmaal Hai Bhai Sab Golmaal. The lively streets of the yet-unconjested Bombay are efficiently shot and are nostalgic to look at. The filmmakers of today can learn a lot from this classic rom-com as to how to make neat and clean family movies containing stories of laymen. Sonny and Sal attempt a bank heist which quickly turns sour and escalates into a hostage situation and stand-off with the police. She works in a neighbouring office in Mumbai and Arun loves her in his heart, seeing and deliberately coming across her in the most mundane situations of life.

Vidya Sinha is very good as a good looking middle class office going woman in Mumbai. Vidya Sinha as Prabha Narayan. Ashok Kumar is just outstanding in a role which is quite different from his usual ventures. Filmfare Award Official Listings, Indiatimes.

She likes him and wants him to express himself. Whatever was served, was enough. Singh also arrives at Mumbai to check where this love-story is heading and whether his tuition has indeed helped Arun or not. However his shyness and simplicity blocks his path whenever he has to express his feelings to her. The boy Mowgli makes his way to the man-village with Bagheera, the wise panther.

To win in the different races of life and get better of the opponents, a person has to shed the tag of being a simpleton and acquire the tag of being smart. You need to be logged in to continue. Coming from someone who is steeped in the tremendous comic timings of the southern movies this is indeed a very formidable feat. Ashok kumar is fantastic as Col.

Amol Palekar as Arun Pradeep. After arriving in India, Indiana Jones is asked by a desperate village to find a mystical stone.

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Amol Palekar is an Indian actor and a director and producer of Hindi and Marathi cinema. Therefore, he decides to seek help and finds that in the form of Col. In the climax, Arun does not go exactly according to the coaching of Col. Finally, he takes a month long leave from his office and moves to Khandala where Col. It's the simplicity prevailing in every nook and corner of this movie that goes deep into the heart of the viewer.

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Amol Palekar, Tina Ambani, Asrani. In the first act itself, there ensues a battle of wits between Arun and Asrani.

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Only audio no video of this song is available from youtube. Vidya Sinha, Amol Palekar. The situations are so believable and the characters are so relatable that this film is an instant favorite of mine.

Prabha, fully aware of his affections, secretly relishes his discomfort, while waiting for him to make the first move. The Movie Star Kim Dickens. The music of the movie is its another strongest part. Fifthly, This movie is about Bombay, and the spirit of Bombay, and kudos to Basu-da and Salil-da for their glorious effort. Take a Reader's Digest and flip through the pages.

All in all, it is a great family movie. The story follows Arun's trials and tribulations and his later attempts to get her through the help and guidance of a love-guru, when another guy enters the picture. Amol Palekar excels in a role tailor made for him. Disillusioned and disappointed with his repeated failures in the war of love, he turns to astrology and divine intervention but no avail God helps those who help themselves.

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