Consumer Behaviour Project Report

Marketing Management Millennium Edition. It may be used consciously or unconsciously.

A Project Report on Consumer Buying Behaviour

They motivated on the customers to participated in this camp and also provide Certificate for the customers. In addition, while the schematic suggests complex relationships involving feed-back loops and interactions. The four-stroke scooters will add new dimension to the two-wheeler segment in the coming future. This strategy involves getting consumers to attach more importance to the attribute in forming their attitude toward the brand.

Project Report on Consumer Behaviour

Kotler, social classes are relatively homogeneous and enduring divisions in a society, which are hierarchically ordered and whose members share similar values, interests and behaviour. In most, but not all, cases the behaviors one projects in a situation is similar to the behaviors a person exhibits in another situation.

Similarly, the invention of the motorcycle created the self propelling bicycle. It stands next only to Japan and China in terms of the number of V produced and domestic sales respectively. The idea of marketers influencing consumers at a subconscious level has strong ethical implications. Additionally, attitude may be reflected in how an individual acts based on his or her beliefs.

The stages of processing activities, which are linked by arrows and mainly internal to the customer. It is not always that the authority vests with him but it can be diffused also.

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However, the growth was relatively slow in the s and s due to nationalization and the license raj which hampered the Indian private sector. What types of documents do they fax? Products Hero Honda's product range includes variety of motorcycles that have set the industry standards across all the market segments.

For many citizens of our country biogenic needs are not fulfilled and they always strives for fulfilling their basic needs. Buying motives are the reasons why the consumer buys a product and the marketing manager is interested to know these motives. Hero Honda believes that the fastest way to turn that dream into a reality is by remaining focused on that vision. Purchase is only one stage of consumer behaviour. The intra personal variable include motivation, perception, learning, attitudes and personality of the buyer.

Consumer behaviour project report

This mission is what drives Hero Honda to new heights in excellence and helps the organization forge a unique and mutually beneficial relationship with all its stake holders. Simply culture is defined as our attitudes and beliefs. There are various factors that affect the buying behavior on both consumer as well as business buying. And Self-Employed Departmental Stores.

The sources used to acquire this information may be as simple as remembering information from past experience i. Doing so helps identify target markets, develop new products, and create appealing marketing promotions to which consumers can relate. Many internal factors we have already discussed can affect a customers desire to achieve a certain outcome but there are others. Yet culture is a broad concept that, while of interest to marketers, is not nearly as important as understanding what occurs within smaller groups or Sub-Cultures to which we may also belong. Indian is the second largest manufacturer and producer to two wheelers in the World.

These include income, culture, family, social class, physical situation and others. Prices, delivery requirements.

In this report we are making a study report for the buying behavior of Processors in order to know the position of different sets Processors brands of different companies in the market. So that we divide the problem in sub parts to make the good and result oriented study report. The inter personal influences include family, social class, reference group, cultural and financial status of an individual. Primary drives are based on innate physiological need as pain, hunger, thirst, avoidance etc. It describes the tendency of people to twist information into personal meaning.

The competitive environment is making the customer wisher day by day and he is able to take a large number of decisions on his own. They influence food preferences, clothing choices, recreation etc. Sub cultures include nationality, racial groups and geographical regions. We will devote two sections of the Principles of Marketing Tutorials to customer behavior.

What features do they look for? However, what ends up being stored inside us doesnt always get there in a direct manner. In support of their roles, consumers will make product choices that may vary depending on which role they are assuming. The second strategy for influencing consumer attitudes is to add or emphasize a new attribute that consumers can use in evaluating a brand.

A Project Report on Consumer Buying Behaviour

Most importantly, marketers must determine which criteria consumers are using in their selection of possible options and how each criterion is evaluated. Marketers using this strategy want to increase the importance of an attribute their particular brand has. For clams made for any consequential damage due to any previous malfunction.

For instance, marketers should make it easy for consumers to learn about their product e. What kinds of consumers buy fax machines for home use? Here we are discussing the following theories to understand rationality behind the buying decision. For instance, for minor re-purchases the consumer may be quite loyal to the same brand, thus the decision is a routine one i.

He explained that it lower level needs are satisfied, the consumer aspires for the satisfaction of higher level needs. What Influences Purchasing As we discussed the decision-making process for consumers is anything but straight forward. Minor New Purchase these purchases represent something new to a consumer but in the customers mind is not a very important purchase in terms of need, igi project 2 full version money or other reason e.

Higher order needs become the driving force behind human behaviour as lower level needs are satisfied. Perception influences and shapes the behaviour.