Cordelia american horror story actress dating

Cordelia american horror story actress dating

This causes Cordelia to convulse with a vision of Hank's infidelity. Cordelia tries again and again, but to no avail as Queenie's spirit keeps returning to the same room. She could gain insights about people by touching them, as seen with Madison and Hank. Madison doesn't think Fiona will kill herself.

Cordelia explains the Sacred Taking ritual is invoked to protect the Coven in which a Supreme takes her own life to ensure the safety of the Coven, hastening the next Supreme. Ariel reassures her that if he wasn't serious, they wouldn't be holding the council.

They have a discussion in which they both ask for the other to tell the truth. Hank shows up and tells Cordelia that he will never leave her and touches her hand. To Myrtle's insistence, she burns her at the stake for killing two council members. She is angered and hurt by this, and Fiona decides to leave her to grieve.

Zoe and Madison debate who is the next Supreme. They chant a spell, and The Axeman disappears. This is revealed to be because of the healing properties of the Louisiana mud. Fiona nearly does, but turns to go downstairs instead. Fiona then enters and spits in two glasses of water and orders the detectives to drink.

She asks Cordelia if she believes Myrtle blinded her. At first, Cordelia is confused, admitting to both her knowledge of Queenie's attack and her visit to Marie Laveau.

After she arrives, she attempts to be warm, but the Axeman is now suspicious of her, informing her of Cordelia's visit, and discovers Fiona's boarding pass, confirming his own suspicions. Telekinesis - One of the Seven Wonders, the magical ability to move things with only the power of the mind.

The next morning, Cordelia fears Fiona's wrath. After Zoe dies, Queenie is unable to resurrect her while Madison refuses to revive the fallen witch, killing and reviving a fly instead. Edit Cordelia Foxx explains the history of the Academy to new student Zoe.

To Myrtle's insistence she burns her

When Fiona touches her, Cordelia experiences a futuristic vision about the Coven, in which everyone including herself has been killed by Fiona as she maintains her position as Supreme. Misty, Cordelia, and Queenie enter, and Misty violently attacks Madison.

Hank shows up

She and her mother hug as Fiona dies in her arms. Later, she meets with Zoe and informs her that she is well aware of Zoe's new powers since she unleashed The Axeman into the new world and that because of this, she will now be a target of Fiona.

They have a discussion

Cordelia arrives and looks around the Ramsey house, finding a bullet. Cordelia is aghast that Fiona didn't tell her. Cordelia tries to cover by saying Zoe is having a mental breakdown. But when she confesses her true feelings for him, he coldly shoots her in the head.