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Era of One-Party Dominance. Latitude, Longitude and Time. Population Density, Distribution and Growth in India. Introduction to Remote Sensing.

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Territorlal States and the first Magadhan Empire. Separation of powers between various organs. Issues relating to poverty and hunger.

Physiography of India including Geology. Prospects and Problems of Tourism. National Environmental Issues. Challenges to and Restoration of the Congress System. Ethical issues in International Relations and Funding.

Religious and Social Reform Movements. Indian Climate including Monsoons. Tissues and other Levels of Organization. Essential Minerals of the Body. Choose Your Subject Here - Geography.

Interior of the Earth and Materials of the Earth's Crust. The Geographical Background of Indian History.

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Chemistry related matters. Physical Geography of South America incl. History upto Indus Valley Civilization. Origin of Earth and Evolution of the Environment. Man and Nature in Geography.

The chalcolithic Cultures of India. Social Institutions Continuity and Change. Electromagnetic Induction. India's Cultural Contacts with the Asian Countries. Other Organisations of the World.

Biology - The Study of Life. The Study of Indian History. Materials, times new roman bold font Devices and Simple Circuits.

Forests and Forest Products. Forest Society and Colonialism. Natural Hazards and Disasters. Other Social Welfare Bodies in India. Role of the Government in Health.

Buildings, Paintings and Books. Security challenges and their management in Border Areas. The Crisis of Democratic Order. Understanding Social Institutions. Mass Media and Communications.

Some grey areas of modern History were covered in this question paper. Role of Family, Society and Educational institutions in inculcating values. Graphical Representation of Data. Atmospheric Circulation and Weather Systems. Importance of Energy in society.

Environment and Sustainable Development. Data Collection, Processing and Analysis. Indian Demography including Tribes.

The Market as a Social Institution. Central Asian Contacts and their Results. In the context of - Importance of sanitation Gandhi led the greatest Muslim movement in history, articulated a Hindu-Muslim synthesis based on non-violence and tolerance.

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Transport and Communication. When People Rebel and After. Ocean Basins and Submarine Relief.

Water Conservation at Different Levels. Physical Geography of Australia incl. Atmosphere Composition and Structure. Exogenous Processes in the Evolution of Landforms.

Key Elements of a Democratic Government. In the context of - Cleansing Indian politics In a democracy, the individual transits from subject to citizen. The Construction of Ancient Indian History.

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Origin and Evolution of Life and Introduction to Classification. Atmospheric Disturbances and Cyclones. The World after the second World War. Renewable Sources of Energy-I. Urbanisation and related Issues.

Disasters and their Management. Urbanization, their problems and their remedies incl. Emergency Powers of the Union. Processes of Social Change.

Current Affairs Prelims

The Coming of the Mughals and the Europeans. Non-Renewable Sources of energy. Dynamic Surface of the Earth. Moral and political attitudes.

Politics of Planned Development. Recent Developments in Indian Politics.

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