Android customization – how to install an icon pack on your Android device

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Not everyone likes black and those people should definitely look at this collection. It may be too colorful for some minimalists, but generally the combinations are done very tastefully.

The theme comes with dynamic calendar icon support, muzei live wallpaper support and icon masking. Glyphs are used and are bordered which look really beautiful as icons. The free versions have everything and the donate versions are there if you want to donate to the developer. Head on back to your Homescreen and app drawer to see your new icon pack in action. All three are actually fairly light themes, with Roam being mostly stock Android, Tigers Eye being stock with a splash of red, and Gemini being stock with a splash of blue.

Once you learn the theory of the steps involved, I am confident that you will find the procedure easy enough on your own Launcher. While this keeps the app functional, it certainly does nothing for the look of your device.

Mike has four total themes, all of which fall under the Faded series which different colors depending on which one you want. The answer is simple, just by installing various themes. Developers have more flexibility than any other platform.

If you are not sure where to access Nova settings, look for the three-dots menu in your app drawer. Most themes have a free and paid version so you can try them before you buy them. Basically, in this case, the shadows fit better and the colors are more appropriate, if still random.

Included in this collection is theThis theme is available

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They are all dark themes with a splash of color and you can pick from blue, red, green, or gold. Your device must be rooted. The theme comes with over icons, dashboard app, icon search feature, icon masking support, custom wallpapers, Muzei plugin, Widgetlocker slider and more features.

So here are some

If so, check back next week. These are a fairly basic set of themes but are great for those looking for something darker or something red.

Share on Tumblr The plus point of having an Android phone is that you can customize your phone using Themes and Icon Packs. Some of the options include Barcelona, Berlin, Noir, Cosmopolitan, and many others. By default, an app without an icon in the pack will fall back to the original app icon. Included in this collection is a truly wild and bizarre mix of themes, including Vivid, Lucid, and Lumin themes.

Moonshine Moonshine is one of my favorite icons pack with gorgeous flat icons. The theme supports Icon masking for every launcher except Go launcher.

It also includes custom clock widgets, additional dock styles and dock bars. Next week on our Android customization series, will be a surprise. These themes have a generally lighter look that include white menus with colorful trim and icons. Tap on the icon pack that you wish to use. If you are not sure where to access Apex settings, look for the three-dots menu in your app drawer.

Influx comes with a Dashboard app

Nonetheless, you are never out of luck if you have a Launcher that supports all of these icon tweaks. Look at the image below, you can see an app icon on the left that was masked to fit, and two on the right have been specifically built by the developer. Tap apply to make the changes. Coalfield and SolidAlpha seem to do the most theming with the other two being more minimal with small visual tweaks.

Influx comes with a Dashboard app which you can use to search and request icons and also set custom wallpapers. This theme is available in more colors like Blue, Pink, White, etc. So, here are some of the new and beautiful ones you might like. Included in this collection is the highly rated and somewhat popular Flux and Liv themes along with Yoma and Trix.