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Their modus operandi is simple. Go for it to know how the gang operated.

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Unfortunately, the producers and director did not focus on good aspects of the film while marketing the product. The remaining members of the gang get lost in the melee. Makrand Deshpande as one of the kingpins of the gang is superb. The investigative part of the police officer builds up the tempo of the film, which does not subside until the climax.

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There are no heroes or heroines in the film. Jayadev as Kothirama, another member of the gang is effective with his cockeyed look and gawky behaviour. When a series of murders rock the city of Bengaluru and its peripheral areas, Karnataka police is given the job of hunting down the criminals. She has to be appreciated for accepting a role with negative shades. Members of the gang face a trial in court with Bhat Doddanna fighting for their cause.

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Actress Pooja Gandhi, whose recent films were not very successful, has delivered a stunning performance in the role of Lakshmi. Pooja Gandhi walks away with acting honours.

They go after the serial killers as they stumble upon vital clues to show there is a pattern in the crime.

Chalapathi, who is unsure of the allegiance of the gang gets wind of their activities and finally cracks the case. Arjun Janya's music is apt and his background score is in sync with the narrative. They keep tabs on the members of a household before striking them. Chalapathy's brilliant investigation and his method of interrogation helps track the guilty and render justice to victims.

The wife is unable to convey the good news of her pregnancy to her husband while the latter comes to know of it only through autopsy report. Police sub-inspector Chalapathi Ravishankar and his department spend sleepless nights trying to crack the crime acts. It is horrifying and gory.

What does the court decide? The film tries to showcase their crimes as they had happened in the late s. Venkat Prasad's exceptional camera work has set the tone for the film. Her body language and expressions are really good. They choose their victims and it is only those who live alone in their houses.

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Ravi Shankar's portrayal of police officer Chalapathy is also exceptionally good. The director has narrated the gang's spine-chilling encounters with innocent people in realistic realistic way. The film narrates the story of Krishna and his gang members, including the most cruel woman Lakshmi, who planned and executed the most heinous criminal acts.

Ravishankar as the cop is effective. The charge goes to an exceptionally brilliant police officer Chalapathy. Among the gang members every actor has done his best, but it is Markand Deshpande and Jai Dev who have come out with flying colours.

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Members of the Dandupalya go to a jeweler regularly to pledge the gold in exchange for money. It is not recommended for the faint-hearted, but the film is an interesting watch for movie buffs, who want different type of films. She is a stunner with her vain looks sans makeup throughout the movie and she has lived her role exceptionally well. Raghu Mukherjee, all cupid dating sites Nisha Kothari and Sudharani have filled in their roles adequately.

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