Dating a bottle of chivas regal, the 10 most expensive chivas regal bottles of all-time

2. Chivas Regal Royal Salute Golden Jubilee/ 10 000 / 50-years-old

That's too new for the bottle to have any value above current retail. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Here are pictures of the bottle Share. The amount of wear on the paper label as well as on the bottle itself can be indicative of its age.

Originally Posted by Old-Time-Lifter. Nobody is born a warrior, in exactly the same way that nobody is born an average man. How ever, I was wanting to tell the actual date, not a pseudo date. When the bottle was completed, the rod was broken off, which left a sharp piece at the center bottom of the bottle. Based on label style and bottom.

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My mom purchased it during the Watergate scandal thinking it might be worth something some day. Hi there, Sure, it's from the s or s. Can you determine the age and value possibility? The luxurious presentation includes a museum perspex case that sits upon a wooden plinth complete with a plaque made of brass.

How to Find Out the Age of a Chivas Regal Bottle

Originally Posted by djflex. All of the bottles feature a plaque of carat gold. How to Date Antique Glass Bottles.

The tax stamp and numbers are intact, as is the seal. Hello, A friend gave this to us. How do I date a bottle of gordons dry gin?

Not to make anyone mad, but if you continually have to see a picture, then it must be a guessing game, otherwise there is a rhyme and reason to dating a bottle of chivas. There is some lettering on the bottle bottom cast into it. After this, molds were used to shape glass into bottles. How to Identify Antique Glass Bottles.

Thats why they made it, for you to enjoy. This would mean that the bottle is made in the early to mid s. Bottles made prior to the late s were blown and have a pontil mark. Years of management and staff education give me a solid basis of nursing expertise and medical knowledge. Can you help me identify when was it made?

Sure, it's from the s or s. Bottles of Chivas Regal from this time are collector's items. Some were smaller and placed on the body near the neck. Not to mention Chivas Regal should be able to id it for you. You still might be in a state of shock, however, to find out just what some avid lovers of scotch would be willing to pay for that special bottle.

It is rather an endless struggle that will go on to the very last moment of our lives. Another older bottle of Chivas looking to find out when it was born. How to Identify Perfume Bottles. Originally Posted by crupiea. The bottle is in very good condition though.

Is there a site that has the date codes, or some other code on the bottle or label, so we can tell? Value would depend on condition, which can be determined with pictures of the actual bottle. We make ourselves into one or the other.

Chivas Regal date

Rach Do I have de the previous bottle? This is how it all starts, first someone wants to date an old bottle and then they want equal rights for their bottle and before you know it the law makers say it's ok to marry the bottle. How do I actually date the bottle or batch? Yes please post pictures of the bottle and the tax stamp sides at top. It is the oldest Highland distillery that is still operating to this day.

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Chivas regal bottle

Damn you drinking-wine-on-the-couch. For example, a bottle with a seam line all the way up the neck will give you a range circa to the present day. Hi Mark, It's from the s, I reckon. There are no copyright dates, no trademark stamps, etc that show a date.

Ride it like you just stole it. Originally Posted by Oceanside. The seam line stops part way up the neck of the bottle. Have you tried looking for examples of liquor stamps from Ohio? It's numbered so I would think if you found the right data base you may have to actually call the State of Ohio you could pinpoint the exact year that it was taxed.

Chivas Regal Date
How to Find Out the Age of a Chivas Regal Bottle

Some stamps were paper strips that went over the top of the bottle and down the neck. Does the tax office keep dates and codes in a list of some kind? The bottle was produced in the mid to late s, which is relatively recent for collectors.

The 10 Most Expensive Chivas Regal Bottles of All-Time

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How Do Yo Uactually DATE A Bottle Of Chivas

When there is a Governmental Warning on the back label, it's from the s. It's not your beliefs that make you a better person, it's your behavior. This is what is blended into some of the very best scotch whiskies, like Chivas.

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The 10 Most Expensive Chivas Regal Bottles of All-Time
1. Royal Salute Tribute to Honor 250 000/ 50-years-old
  1. Look for a paper tax stamp or strip on the bottle.
  2. Trying to date an old bottle of Chivas Regal any whisky drinkers in the house?
  3. How to Identify Old Bottles.
  4. If you let me drink some i should be able to identify exact age.
  5. Can you identify the age of this Chivas.

You can find out the age of a Chivas Regal Bottle by looking at the bottle for distinct clues. The Chivas brothers started selling Scotch whiskey in the U. Chivas Regal seemrd to appeal particularly to the American palate and it was a huge seller. This limited edition Chivas Regal Royal Salute was bottled in for celebrating a royal wedding. In fact, scotch whisky will always be among the most classy beverages that money could ever buy.

Then there is the issue if it goes across state lines. The bottom of the bottle has some numbers, also. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del.

How to read chivas serial numbers - Scotch Malt Whisky Forum

You can also send a photo to the company from their official web page to have them date the bottle for you. How to do you sell such bottles? Difficult to say much based on the box alone.

  • Have held several positions in long term and intermediate care, acute care and home health with much of this experience in leadership roles.
  • This exclusive new scotch whisky is an homage to the Scottish crown jewels, which are also the oldest in the British Isles.
  • Study the label of the Chivas Regal bottle in your possession.

Bill, Your bottle was produced in the s when there is no Governmental Warning on the back. There were only approximately bottles made and it is purported to contain a slight anise and raisin flavor. So other than matching old labels, is there any way to more accurately date it or decode the stamp on the bottom? Bottle lips were applied after the bottle was molded, and the lips were ground smooth. Lucas, Difficult to be sure based only on the box.

Tax strip is pretty much gone. Liquor, like tobacco, is included in a list of sin-tax items. So, why are they so expensive?

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