Dating an Inexperienced Guy

Dating a more experienced guy

As women we hold a feminine

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If you really like a guy, allow him the chance to put his best foot forward and to pursue you. Expecting a man to take all your problems away is not realistic. Women love a sexually confident man, so telling her that she scares you is not going to help your manly image. The thoughts you think become the words you say, which influences the way you feel and ultimately becomes the way you behave.

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You don't have to tell him you are a virgin but you can say you're not used to dating and that it's pretty new to you. If we want a great guy, then we need to be the kind of girl who will attract that guy.

Touch her because you love to do so, and she will be thrilled that you are enjoying it so much. She basically is waiting for her turn to talk. Chance are he has been there and done that.

As a christian, my view may sound extreme to some of you. If all you want with this guy is his friendship then you should definitely make that known right up front. The way people treat people, even in dating situations, is typically rooted in a behavior that is formed based on experience.

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Lack of Ambition It is attractive to another person to see that you have your owns goals, interests and hobbies. He may even be looking for someone to settle down with. Just relax and feel free to let her take over anytime she likes. If this is the case then you probably won't have to worry about him only wanting to date you for that. With guys it's not so much about age but just the seriousness of the relationship.

This goes for people in general too. As women, we hold a feminine power that can either be used to empower men or break them down. If this scares him off then you know he wasn't worth your time to begin with.