Dating an upperclassman

Dating an upperclassman

Some Girls Your Friendships Might Get Weird Hopefully nothing dramatic will happen but there's often a bit of a shake up in sophomore year and beyond within your friend group. Her dad and older sister are both alumni, and she wanted to carry on the family tradition. Of course, if you don't make it it's not the end of the world.

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Sophomore year is a great time to get all of that over with if your age allows it because you might be so swamped in junior year that you'll be tempted to put your driving goals on the back burner. Some of you will be driving, some won't, and some of you will just end up having very different social lives. Don't worry, you don't have to study for it and it virtually doesn't count for anything. Try to take it all in stride, though. Do it, don't worry about the fact that your bestie won't be in the class, this is your life.

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They are in way different places in life and way different maturity levels. Frankly, they're scared that they're losing you.

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You're probably changing, too. She broke up with him because she was a controlling crazy verbally abusive psycho and she also didn't like the long distance thing once he went away to college. Usually not a good idea at all. He dated the girl because they liked each other and she was his first real girlfriend. Time to get started and do it.

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You're not the babies that your teachers are going to go easy on but you're not a junior or a senior that your teachers are going to prioritize either. So here are seven things you need to know before sophomore year.