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The unit acts as a small refrigerator. Any suggestions would be appreciated. The vibrant red coating also keeps the metal cooler free from rust. Not every cooler was fortunate enough to get a stamped date code.

More about the history of these Coke Coolers is listed below. Perhaps someone will chime in and post an answer to your question! Sometimes, authorities print these warnings and you should be aware about these. For the earlier versions to work on cans, we would need to create a shim kit. The second letter originally indicated the type of cooling system that cooler used explained below.

The Coca Cola logo is faded, but still visible. Large Coca-Cola Domed Clock. Select a Westinghouse Coca Cola Machine model below to see photos, information and pricing. Because these early Westinghouse Horizontal coolers have no actual vending mechanism, they can hold and cool almost anything, even food. It was replaced with the modern, boxy looking horizontal type coolers we see today.

How to Date Coke Bottles 15 Ways to Tell if that Iconic Bottle Has Value

The larger the model number, the larger the machine. If you disable this cookie, we will not be able to save your preferences. Making the very top of all the lettering even on a horizontal line. This one is rare, featuring a lovely woman lounging in a white evening gown enjoying a glass of Coke. New insulation is installed, defiance matchmaking followed by the restored liner and breaker strips.

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Each model number began with two letters, which indicated the manufacture, and the type of cooling how the machine chilled Coke bottles. The city name has nothing to do with it. Coca-Cola was already America's top-selling soft drink in when sales of bottled Coke finally outstripped soda fountain sales. It would be difficult to present everything in detail.

It has an L on the bottom and the numbers on the side of the bottle. There are just a few small rubs to the rim, though the overall condition is excellent. It is very clean with only a few minor marks, faint scratches, and a few small stains, so it's in excellent condition. For this client, we replaced the water cooling unit with a new, timber hookup air cooling system. This is an attempt to simplify things and present in a way that is easily understandable.

Inside, the door has storage compartments to house any small items that need cooling. The warning messages include words like not to be sold, to be returned, loaned etc. The illustration featuring a wooden case of bottles is rare on its own.

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  • Warmer beverages go below to be Pre-Cooled.
  • It looks unused with the original water stopper and three plastic shot glasses.
  • Inside the top lid of this Glasco Slider Coca Cola Machine before, shows worn gaskets, worn decal and in need of restoration.

Also, over the years, there had been differences in branding the bottles. All the characters on the base are faint. Hello my name is Leah Michelle and I recently discover an old greenish colored glass coke bottle which says Parkersburg, W.

You need to carefully observe for warnings, if any. Condition and uniqueness is everything. So, there are other ways to help date your early Westinghouse Coke Cooler. We fabricated new lid liners, dating a based off the originals.

Simply lift the front lid and look to the left. It can be a permanent fixture in a man cave or brought on the go. Picture courtesy of Jan Wooten.

Glass Manufacturers Marks on Coke BottlesGLASS BOTTLE MARKS

Bottles issued by certain plants will show symbol of Coco-Cola on the base of the glass bottles. It does so by using a thermoelectric cooling system. The red-and-white Coca-Cola vending machine remains today as perhaps the most recognizable vending machine worldwide. Bottles from larger cities are usually easiest to find, and, in general, the smaller the city, the scarcer the bottles.

Toys are always popular with Coke collectors, so it's no wonder this inch truck sold for so much. Its condition is considered good. The bottles of Coke were submerged in the water, and the water was chilled by an electric cooling system.

Early Coke Machines

It was also possible that the liner could have been date coded then, shelved for some time before being installed in a cabinet. Westinghouse increased the inside cooling area for each model, in an effort to hold more bottles. The body of the cooler is comprised of durable steel and aluminum. The Demand for Coke Collectibles. We have only listed the most popular of these Westinghouse models here, as parts have been made for them.

  1. In your treasure seeking adventures, you may also find dial thermometers with the Coca-Cola logo.
  2. The subject is everything in Coke memorabilia.
  3. So many companies are not yet explored.

Thank you for your interest, understanding and support! This s paper kite with the Coca-Cola logo and bottle includes the original wooden stretcher sticks. The Invention of the Bic Pen.

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