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Melodies for jingles Wijewardena became famous for his melodious and catchy jingles aired over the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation. He contributed in many ways to success such programmes and took part in the opera conducted by Dr. During the s, he composed and directed music for number of songs and performed with well known music directors in Sri Lanka.

Different Versions

Different Versions

Fernando for the referral. Amaradeva would often strum the violin while his mother sang hymns.

All of Wijewardena's compositions have been recorded at some of the island's best recording studios and under the best producing labels in Sri Lanka. Sanhinda - Sinhala Keyboard for iPhone, iPad.

Most of the songs that he sang were Solos. However, there was no male nurse available to assist.

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In doing so, Amaradeva created a uniquely Sinhalese music style that stayed true to folk tradition while incorporating outside influences. This meeting and related events are described in detail by A. Tribute songs Wijewardena has composed and directed music for a number of songs for the daughters and sons of his friends and relatives.

Wijewardena composed most number of songs for God Kataragama. He sang for films and for teledrama and all those songs became very popular.

He was the composer and the music director for all the six songs of Susima tele drama. Mary's College, Nawalpitiya. It was vocalized by the Ananda Perera who was the leader of the Siha Shakthi music band. It was one of many songs capturing the Christmas spirit and the birth of Jesus.

Talents He broadened his knowledge by mastering the native music, North India, mircosoft excel Western Music and traditions. Please spend seconds of your valuable time for appreciating and motivating if you find this useful. His music is often characterized by simple melodies built around a melody that features the electric guitar - this style may be best illustrated by the song Malata Bambaraku Se.

Dawasak Pala Nathi Hene - No Voice Karaoke Track-No voice karaoke

He was the music teacher at Nalanda College Colombo in mid s. That he was able to compose and direct music for Pandit Amaradewa. He sustained injuries on the back of his head. For many years they enjoyed the reputation as Sri Lanka's number one group in the s and s.

From to Fernando was rated the most popular singer in the country. Kemadasa, Amarasiri is distinctive singer as he possesses three characteristics such as flexibility in voice, vast knowledge in western and North Indian music and his personality. During this time he got a special chance. He is a singer with great talent and owns a lot of beautiful sinhala songs that will stay with us for a long time unlike some new songs.

The song became an instant hit in South Asia and to this day it is sung by Annesley Malewana on his world tours. The acquaintance of accomplished musician, Maestro Dr. He son priyantha fernando continue to perform C. He was the maestro Dixon Gunaratne.

Dawasak Pala Nathi Hene - No Voice Karaoke Track-No voice karaoke

The music was done by Greshan Ananda for this movie. He was a chorister in his local parish church, and later became the choir master of A.

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Perera and Patrick Denipitiya. Primarily using traditional instruments like sitars, tablas and harmoniums, Amaradeva incorporates Sinhala folk music with Indian ragas in his work. Rupasinghe Master Rupasinghe and the contemporary musicians such as Mr. Since then this exceptional man and his music dominated the Sinhala pop music industry. Wijewardane certificated as the most popular composer in Sri Lanka for the years and by a pop poll conducted by Pop and Teen Fanfare.

Sing Lanka recording studio was the first recording studio in Sri Lanka with multi tracks and Wijewardena was the pioneer to introduce this recording studio. He also suffered from diabetes. Following is a list of popular tracks by C. Fernando said His brother W. New career Wijewardena joined Sing Lanka Ltd.

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When Christmas bells chime this man is never forgotten with the breeze in December. Amaradeva entered Sri Sumangala College, Panadura after completing his primary education with a scholarship for English. His family moved to Batugedara, Ratnapura, and abandoned a budding planting career to pursue music full time. Film music Wijewardena entered the film music industry at that time. He took part in many foreign delegations to European and Middle-east counties to sing Sinhalese classic songs.

Karagala Gaga Inna Karanawami. Perera was a Buddhist while Mendis was a Methodist bringing both Christian and Buddhist values to the family. Mary's College of Kegalle. Later on presented a number of musical programmes on different T. Notably he still remains the most popular artist as confirmed by Nielsen Media Research findings.

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He son Mitra Kapuge continues to sing his father songs. Fernando also acted in a few Sinhala movies, E. Fernando often won prices for elocution, singing and drama, including a gold medal of oratory. Newer Posts Older Posts Home. He is married to Sheela Wijewardana and they have one daughter Amila Wijewardana.