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Failed candidates can re-appear for test from the next day onwards. How to Apply for a Duplicate Driving License When your driving license is stolen, misplaced or damaged, duplicate license can be obtained by following the specified procedure.

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International Driving License in Bengaluru, Karnataka The motor licensing authority issues an International driving license to citizens of India. In general, the expired license is seized and the renewed license sent to your address via speed post. One of the largest city in Gujarat, Ahmedabad is known for magnificent improvement in infrastructure and transport. Valid proof of age and residence in original with photocopies. Read informative Driving License articles at Acko.

The Regional Transport Office is responsible for issuing Mumbai driving license based on city data. With different kinds of driving licence, applicants are often confused about which form to fill to get driving licence or learning licence. Submit all required documents for verification, after which photos for the renewed license may also be taken. When either of these situations occur, renewal of the license is necessary. And in second section, we will explain how to obtain Permanent License.

Your renewed license is usually delivered on the very same day. Having a valid driving licence is a necessity for every common resident of India. Where to submit Application along with required documents shall be submitted at the R.

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How to obtain a Driving License in Bangalore

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The same procedure can be used to obtain change of address on the driving license. Apply the brakes smoothly. Health clearance certificate from a certified medical practitioner stating that the candidate is fit to drive. In Bengaluru, Karnataka, a license aspirant has to first obtain a Learners License and then acquire their permanent driving license within six months.

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Taking help from such consultants have various pros and cons. If you wish to possess this document, apply to the licensing authority with jurisdiction in your area, along with relevant documents. Previous expiring driving license in original.