How to Stop a Friendship From Drifting Apart

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Two people realize they have a lot in common. Your friend may be calling less often, not returning your calls reliably or canceling plans with you. We always hear about people losing touch with their best friends but never think it will happen to us. And because of that, I guess I stopped missing you.

Before you set out

You are brilliant and brave, and you are stronger than you know, even if you forget to believe in yourself sometimes. You have a wondrous soul and a beautiful heart that is able to give so much love to those around you. Our friendship is a big part of what made me who I am. Eventually they drift apart.

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If you truly feel that your

Before you set out to save this friendship, you should ask yourself if that's really what you want. Adapt to the Situation Sometimes people become distant because of circumstances more than choice. If you truly feel that your friendship has what it takes to last, you'll need to find a way to adapt to the inevitable changes of life.

How to Stop a Friendship From Drifting Apart

Shutterstock Dear Best Friend IRather than trying

When we first became friends, I clung on to that friendship with a death grip. Rather than trying to hold on to the way things used to be, you can keep your friendship alive and relevant by accepting that things have changed and adapting accordingly.

Adapt to the Situation Sometimes people

Shutterstock Dear Best Friend, I hope this letter finds you on a day that is filled with excitement for the future. But things will also be new and exciting and beautiful and lovely.