Friedmans liquidating trust

Friedmans liquidating trust

The Friedmans are therefore subject to jurisdiction with respect to these claims under the long-arm statute. That motion will be addressed separately.

Delaware Bankruptcy Court Case bk - Friedman

NorthSide alleges twelve counts entitling it to relief. Friedman are residents of Illinois. Any person who commits any of the acts hereinafter enumerated thereby submits to the jurisdiction of the Delaware courts.

Still allegations regarding

Because I find that this Court has personal jurisdiction over Mr.

Plaintiff counsel represented at oral argument that Ms. Thus, the long-arm statute confers jurisdiction over these claims.

In doing so, the court is not limited to the pleadings and can consider affidavits, briefs of the parties, and the available results of discovery. They have never travelled to Delaware as adults and do not own real property in Delaware. Still, allegations regarding personal jurisdiction in a complaint are presumed true, unless contradicted by affidavit. The Defendants have also moved to stay this action in favor of litigation in Illinois. NorthSide then attempted to vote its interests to replace the directors in those entities, thereby gaining control of Properties Series A through F.

They have never travelled toIn doing so the court

Markus is an attorney at Mr. See also Optimalcare, Inc. The Plaintiff has not identified any forum transactions with respect to these claims. Strellis constituted fraudulent transfers. To the extent that the Motion to Dismiss applies to this count, it is denied.