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The president of the commission is the vicar, and its members by virtue of their office are prefects of the Congregation of the Council and of Religious Orders. The vicar is to submit to the pope for approval the rules respecting office hours and holidays. In this document, however, neither the special rights of the vicar nor the local extent of his authority are made known, but it is understood that the territory in question is the city of Rome. For the rights of the cardinals to ordain in their own churches tituli, diaconia see Cardinal.

The really responsible censor is therefore the Magister sacri palati, not the vicesgerens. For the rest, being already delegatus a principe he can canonically subdelegate. Special commissions, however, multiply in this period, bearing with them in each case a special extension or new application of authority. The head of all these bureaus is the cardinal who is the vicar-general of the pope in Rome. This regulation puts an end finally to an old abuse of historic growth which in past times led to much that was disadvantageous.

During the past various difficulties had stood in the way of a thorough reform of the Roman vicariate. This ordinance is especially worth noticing. Apart from the rights secured them by their statutes, insofar as approved by the pope, they are entirely subject to the vicar. The secretary of this official board is the commissary just mentioned. The Congregation of the Visitation was quite independent of the vicar, being constituted by Apostolic authority.

It should be observed that a secret and a public archive have been established for the vicariate. Now multiply that by thousands of others at hundreds of other health insurance companies.

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Now, anyone who has business with the vicariate knows exactly to which department, which official, he must go in order to have the matter in question speedily settled. Later the duty fell to the Apostolic Camera. Ann Dunham, Barack Obama Sr.

The first appointee as secretary and commissary was the former vicegerent vicesgerens. All four sections are subordinate first to the vicar and next to the assessor. The care of these is the duty of the third section. Since then the list of vicars is continuous. The first department is obliged to keep an exact list of all the churches in Rome, in one of which is noted the object and peculiarities of each church.

Henceforth this duty pertains to the vicarius urbis only insofar as he may be named president or member of this congregation, the prefect of which is the pope himself. The head of the department is called a prefect. The office owes its full development to the removal of the Roman Curia to Southern France and its final settlement at Avignon.

The first appointee as secretary and

Their respective rank follows the order given above. Martini in Monte Cimino O. In the reorganization customs that had become historical were taken into consideration only insofar as they could be combined without difficulty with modern methods of business. Politicians can be bought so easily. The new locum tenens was bidden to take the usual oath before the Apostolic Camera see above.