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Its rolling lawn is the perfect canvas for perennial gardens, hosta beds, and perhaps an antique fern garden. Houses generally have more space. In their friend group, Brett and Dan would bicker like an old married couple, that is when Brett could pry Melessie off of him!

It's getting out of the car after a long day, and finding you can't wait to drag the watering hose, tend tomatoes, and transplant perennials. Brett is very excited to be a Groomsman in Steve's wedding this April! Already planted with a profusion of Knock-Out roses, azaleas, and fall blooming chrysanthemums, this charming Victorian home offers even more opportunities for garden charm.

The spectacular antique and historic home at W. Look at the classic lines of this Craftsman home! And mostly, gardeners are good stewards of each small patch of earth, knowing they are helping to heal the planet, one garden at a time.

Every friend group has the responsible friend and at Juniata, that's Kate. She and Mike are newly engaged the ring is beautiful ask to see it!

For some people, a house is simply part of the American dream. Much like Brett and Brandy, Christine and Johnny are a dynamic duo of siblings. And even better, while this home is definitely part of a condominium plat.

In the hierarchy of all things important, gardening is very near the top. You'll have fun perusing these local garden businesses as you fill your landscape here in Rowan County! She rushed to Brett's aide when he passed out after cutting his hand cooking dinner, that's a true friend!

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In a time of rampant selfishness, gardeners set the example of selflessness. Gardening is an avocation, a passion, a calling.

She owed Greg a favor so that's why she agreed to be in the wedding party! Greg Rapp with Wallace Realty has the answer to this dilemma! Kate had to be promised unlimited chicken nuggets in order to be in the wedding and Brett and Greg were happy to oblige.

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Shamrock and Thistle takes you every step of the way towards realizing your landscaping and outdoor room goals. Gardening teaches the joy of nurturing, the delight of caring for seedlings and plants that depend on you for light, water, and life. Entertain in the sprawling front parlor with its handsome wood floors and masonry fireplace. Christine Curcio - Groomswoman Brett's cousin, Christine is one of the maids who will be traveling back home for the wedding! Make sure you congratulate them on their engagement!

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Call Greg Rapp with Wallace Realty to make it happen! Christine has warned Greg how crazy this family can be, but that hasn't stopped him from taking the plunge! At countless family functions and events, Johnny gets everyone in trouble, he makes them laugh or is seen passing a flask in church! Condos on the other hand, free single dating chat rooms are uniform.

After indulging herself in his cupcakes, she was hooked. Kenzie is very excited to join Brett and Greg on their special day and will be performing a dance to the couple's favorite song! Because she is Brett's older sister! An honorary member of the family, it was an easy decision for Brett and Greg to ask her to join them on their special day! The gardening season is around the corner in the Piedmont of North Carolina!

That's what Delany and Brett are. While homeowners are busy mowing their lawns, trimming hedges, pruning trees, and raking leaves, condo owners are taking weekend trips, or simply relaxing at home. Count on him to be the life of the party! Lindsey Vlasic - Groomswoman Where do we even begin with Lindsey?

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Each bedroom closet is outfitted with closet organizers. He has an award-winning chili recipe that Brett just can't get enough of!

Bigger means more space for your stuff and the people living there, and more room for entertaining. Jaxson is Brett's video game partner and the two spend lots of time competing and no Brett does not let him win!

LaLa is sure to be the life of the party! Jaxson Smith - Groomsman Brett's favorite nephew! Welcome to the beautiful condominium home yes. Melessie Clark - Groomswoman Take two burrito bowls from Chipotle, one large pizza, and two mile-high topped frozen yogurts and you get the meal that receives Brett and Melessie's seal of approval.

She lives in Virginia Beach and opens her home to Brett and all his friends he brings down there, what a woman! Lindsey and Brandy have tortured him for years! She was one of his best friend's girlfriends but they instantly bonded.

Adam Smith - Groomsman Brett's favorite brother-in-law! You can always count on him to say something if he sees something and if he is saying something you can assume he has seen something.

Customers will tell you that Ms. Steve Ankney - Groomsman Stove is not an appliance, he is also not a flight attendant. An intimate Florida room with tin flooring stream sunlight. Carolina Lily is a perfect spot for unique bridal luncheons, a book or garden club meeting, or lunch with a friend. In a world where conflict and strife seem to surround us, gardeners create a space where peace and beauty reign.

For it's impossible to garden only for yourself. They are the perfect match, he carries all the plates and she takes the cups when they eat in the dining hall. The circa farmplace is surrounded by acres of woodland and cultivated gardens against a backdrop of century old boxwoods and magnolias. Brandy was beyond thrilled to be asked to join the wedding party and cried hysterically, Brett laughed at her, a prime example of their relationship.

Basically speaking their own language to each other, they navigated college together and continue to support each other states away! Delany Dalfonso - Maid of Honor Everyone has that one friend you can call and no matter what time it is or what is going on, they will answer.

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