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Fine Dining Advertisement Pretty soon, the rate of romantic date sightings of the pair began to increase, especially within the Atlanta scene. Advertisement Couples who spend a lot of time together begin to look and dress alike. They were two of the main characters and worked closely together. They arrived together and were caught giving each other a quick kiss behind the scenes. No big deal, except it was the first of a few separate vacations.

After the awards show, the duo hit the Governors Ball together, where they were seen both holding hands and locking lips. The moment that the couple became subtly official occurred at the MuchMusic Awards. No Proposal Advertisement It didnt take long for the story of Nina and Ians supposed off-screen relationship to get stretched by the tabloids. Why she wouldnt date any of her co-stars.

Her desire to experience and appreciate everything around her, and chuckle and enjoy it, is great. In Touch first reported a story that Ian had proposed to Nina over the holidays and that she refused him, but Us Weekly dispelled that rumor altogether.

Then they found out Ian Somerhalder was interested. In the November issue of Self magazine, in victorious are jade and beck dating Nina Dobrev told readers and her fans what she required of Ian Somerhalder before they officially became a couple.

Does Dobrev have other ways? In a previous interview for Seventeen magazine she had more detail in what she meant.

To keep the peace in their relationship, Somerhalder thought it better to just preserve any answers. Instagram As the Seventeen cover girl for October, Nina gave a lengthy interview to the magazine. But for Ian, Nina was the clear winner. Ian had been quoted by Us praising Nina for her ability to experience and appreciate everything around her, and chuckle and enjoy it, while Nina lauded Ian for being a glass-half-full kind of guy. Forget being arm candy Nina got to be the kissing partner that night!

Instagram What a difference a year makes. They especially had trouble find someone to play Damon.

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And for three years, Dobrev and Somerhalder were good together in real life too. As soon as it was announced Somerhalder was cast as Damon, everyone had an opinion about the choice.

It was honestly what I believed at the time. Theyre utterly smitten, said one. Probably a good call, Ian! But the duo remained friends.

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While it was mostly business, were sure they got in some cozy alone-time, too. Ian even name-dropped her as the person he was most excited to see. To us, that sentence came with an unspoken caveat of yet. So, when Nina was seen sporting Ians cute newsboy cap just two days after hed had it on, it seemed like it could be more than just a friendly gesture. Instagram Pretty soon, the rate of romantic date sightings of the pair began to increase, especially within the Atlanta scene.

Eventually, Moke became better. This year, the couple didnt hold back and were photographed sharing sweet smooches during the show. The way to a mans heart is through his well, you know. Ian Flies Solo Advertisement Though they often vacationed together, Ian decided to head for a silent retreat by his lonesome while Nina stayed put.

Then the couple traveled together to visit a sick fan, and everyone decided there was no way Nian was over. While they wound up posing for a few photo ops together later on in the night, they didnt give a definitive answer to the question of their coupledom by their red carpet behavior. Call them requirements or criteria, but consciously or subconsciously, men and women pay attention to them. Getty Images A month later, Nina seemed to flat-out deny the romance rumors to Teen Vogue but admitted to understanding how people could suspect they were an item. Seriously, they spent most of the evening gazing into each others eyes.

Still, nothing was officially official just yet. The romantic locale served as a perfect place for the duo to test the waters between them literally. Often, relationships outside the show become just as official.

Instagram In an interview for Nylons February issue, Nina put a few highly-cited quotes from the Us Weekly article into perspective. With the tweets about Moke in the suitcase, she never revealed where she was going, so she may have been returning Moke to Somerhalder. Although she has no problem being single, she would devote her time and love to the person who she became extremely crazy about. This list lets you know some of those secrets back when they were dating, soon after their breakup, and up until today.