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International matchmaking organizations a report to congress, find a copy in the library

Form of the Information A. Information that may be beneficial to immigrants who find themselves the victims of domestic abuse perpetrated by their United States citizen or lawful permanent resident spouses. Manner of Dissemination A. Violators of the provision must be given notice and the opportunity for a hearing prior to imposing such a penalty. When recruits should be given the required information.

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Find a copy in the library

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All of the information disseminated under this provision must be provided to the recruit in the recruit's native language. Monitoring and Enforcement A. How recruits should be given the required information. Advance notice of proposed rulemaking.

Form in which international matchmaking organizations provide information to recruits. Procedures for fining organizations not in compliance. This belief is often the result of threats by the abusive spouse to have the victim deported if the abuse is reported to law enforcement authorities.

Languages in which international matchmaking organizations communicate with recruits. How international matchmaking organizations communicate and share information with recruits. Information currently being provided to recruits by international matchmaking organizations. That provision requires international match making organizations to provide certain immigration and naturalization information to recruits.

Information that will serve to deter marriage fraud. The statutorily required information.

Congressional Reports

This will result in a proposed rule that is more comprehensive in its scope and more understandable to the public.

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