Desperate Housewives co-stars Eva Longoria and Jesse Metcalfe reunite

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Hades is out now Like us on Facebook. The Girls Aloud singer said that despite being photographed getting close to the Desperate Housewives star just three weeks ago, they are no longer an item. For a brief period Metcalfe juggled both Passions and Desperate Housewives roles before leaving Passions to focus on Desperate Housewives full-time. Fans and friends alike wondered why he would do such a thing. And the hunky actor said he had no idea how huge the show would become.

Periods in rehabilitation for alcoholism have not always helped his career or relationships. The news was quite bizarre and left Portia and her brother seriously dazed and in disbelief for a while even causing them to move in together in other to comfort each other. The series did not return for a second season due to low ratings. Kissing practice Poor Kate Brittany Snow was terribly unprepared to handle someone with as much experience as John Tucker - after their first big date she didn't even know if she was a good kisser. The group has been supporting Girls Aloud on tour since May, and Zen hinted to Real Radio Wales that he has a soft spot for the pretty singer.

The singer reportedly dumped the year-old star after he was spotted cuddling a mystery woman in Los Angeles. Following the first season, creator Marc Cherry revealed Metcalfe would return to the series on a recurring basis. She sent him to the cheerleading coach's room instead. But it wasn't all bad, as he got to work with his hero Sylvester Stallone.

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Jesse is tipped to take to the stage Jesse Metcalfe has apparently been hotly tipped to star in the play Equus in the West End. The Girls Aloud singer dumped the actor after he was spotted with a mystery brunette. Filming took place in Los Angeles the following month. His character, John Rowland, was gardener and lover to Eva Longoria's character, with the pair having an affair behind her husband's back. Afterthe couple split, his ex-wife soon married the famous reality tv talk show host Ellen Degeneres.

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While at the after party for the ceremony, Metcalfe fell off a second-story balcony and tumbled thirty feet to the ground. Now, ten years after Tucker, Metcalfe has starred in a handful of films and notable television series, like the continuation of Dallas, and still has a smirk and smolder hotter than a summer day. Once they found out they enlisted the help of a new girl Brittany Snow to break his heart.

He fractured his fibula but avoided more serious injury. The actor allegedly trashed a complementary suite at the Ivy Hotel in San Diego, California while hosting a party that got out of control.