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The Duggar clan keep making headlines with their odd behaviour

In early January, Jinger and Jeremy took to their Instagram in order to say that it was finally their turn to try out parenthood. In other words, the Compas system helps the prosthetist see more than he or she can observe. Jill and Derick beat Jessa and Ben to the alter, but there was more excitement to come.

There was more good news on the horizon though, as both Jessa and Jill announced their own pregnancies. The iPecs product specifically addresses the stated orthotics-and-prosthetics-industry need for measurement tools. Optimal alignment remains the holy grail. Josiah even jumped the gun and started an Instagram account where he posted a number of pictures of the pair.

Their wedding was a toned down affair, staged in a local gymnasium. She and Jim Bob shocked audiences when they admitted they had not been as chaste before their own marriage. Karen Henry can be reached at karen opedge.

Outspoken Beliefs The Duggars have never been shy about their strict moral values, which are based on the independent Baptist doctrine of Christianity. That also means the end of Jill, at least for now.

Jill and Derick beat

Both Jessa and Jinger broke several of their parents strict courting rules prior to their marriages. Nevertheless, we have to wonder if she would be more strict about the posts were Josiah a girl. Unfortunately, Josh had more secrets lurking in the shadows. While they might have known they were meant to be, the pair could never have guess how much their lives would change in the future. They asked her to contact them if she noticed anything unusual.

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The family had covered up the wrongdoing by sending Josh to a work camp and having a sheriff with whom they were friends give him a stern talking to. Either way, Mama Duggar made it clear that there was no social media until after engagement. Not only does it involve classroom training and perhaps years of on-the-job experience, it also relies on keen observation and communication skills. Though the family would be opposed to any of their girls cheerleading now, when the pair first met, Jim Bob was impressed when he discovered that there was a religious Christian on the squad.

Bob Krist of Omaha has won the Democratic nomination to run for the seat held by incumbent Republican Gov. For one, Jill has openly been sporting a nose ring, which her parents would surely disapprove of. Breaking Her Own Rules Michelle has admitted that this strict view of dating is at odds with her own upbringing.

When it comes to music for instance, pop music and dancing are not acceptable to the family. Broad Implications Both Orthocare and College Park are quick to point out that their systems are not meant to replace gait training or the function of the gait laboratory, but rather augment them.

Jim Bob and Michelle, however, managed to convince her to bring him back to Christ. In the Duggars view, however, girls should be taught not to tempt boys, and boys should not give in to temptation, rather than manage their thoughts. That's the level of information that we're getting to the prosthetist now.

It looks like the iPecs device and Compas system may do just that. The experience is integral to their current story.

It was the next two daughters, Jill and Jessa who tied the knot only months apart. If the patient's gait changed over time, there was no practical way to angulate or rotate the socket due to costs of cutting it in half and re-laminating. Fans were anxiously waiting an announcement from Jinger, but the news they got instead proved to be an even bigger surprise. It was just in time for the girls to begin courting and marrying partners of their own.

In early January