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But I have a hunch that he's been doing it for so long he's probably used to getting wet. In short, they have been successful.

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All parties involved have publicly denied the dating. Do we really want to fan it even more with more speculations of our own? Whose fault is it that they can't meet expectations from viewers to extend their relationship beyond the filming of the show?

Anw, I think like most viewers, even with my expectations, they were still surpassed and made me pleasantly surprised. But as the couple got more popular, I observed more and more dissatisfaction with soeun. It sounds like a paradox, but that strength can be used as a defense mechanism as well. For my part, I'm the kind of person who faced with limited facts, will choose the speculation that will not lead me to hurting people. She's probably not used to it either.

You can feel the need to shield your feelings but that doesn't make those feelings any less real. Maybe someone with a casual positive interest instead. Everyone's interested to know the truth about her affairs and relationships. Everybody wanted her to match jaerim's ardour. So while jaerim is portrayed as the docile one, I think he's really the stronger one, because he fearlessly let's himself become vulnerable as he exposes himself.

They are being their normal selves, in an abnormal situation, trying the best they can to react to such a situation. Kim used to go to the hospital to visit her mother and so Son did the same to support her. It doesn't make that affection and attraction any less real.

Who is to be responsible for all those people being hurt from being emotionally involved in a relationship from a show they have witnessed for a few hours? In short, just know that even though this couple is receiving so much doubt right now, at least some of the viewers, or at the very least, this one viewer right here, will still enjoy watching them. We all know too well how mere speculations, whether right or wrong, and too often wrong, can blow up to epic proportions. Goodness knows I'm not like that. The rumour has considerably damaged all parties involved due to public outcry, and widespread attention to the issue.

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Stops confrontation, disappointment, and more, at least in the short time. Well, the issue began back in after Kim's mother was admitted to a hospital in Seoul.

One, either one of jaerim and soeun, or both of them, have lied to the producers, and are continuing to lie for their fame and reputation and image. Do we have a right to demand our expectations to be true, that they go beyond their professional obligation?

It's not hateful to open an umbrella in the middle of a storm, especially when you're not used to one. It is possible to lie to the producers, but telling the truth is possible as well. Who is to blame for our hopes? Does soeun being weak in the sense that she's afraid of being too vulnerable in a show for all to see make her less strong?

Do we have a right to feel that way even if it was true? Is it their fault that false conclusions were made?

If so, what is their relationship status? Yes they're a fake couple, but no, that does not make the affection they displayed for each other fake. And we don't love everybody we like or are attracted to either.

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Is this because Song and Kim are in a love relationship? Perhaps too successful to the point where people want them to be dating for real, if not obsessed about it. So, surely, Kim and Son are not dating. So, hiv positive dating sites australia free you might be wondering who is she dating then? Let's know the dating history and relationships of Kim So Eun on Frostsnow today.

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But though I had a rather clear idea of who she was as a person, I was not prepared for the typhoon that is jaerim, with his onslaught of affection, aegyo, and more. We've have been provided pieces and it's up to us on how to build it. Sure, I have absolutely no problem with people calling the couple unentertaining if the perceived lack of love prevents them from enjoying the show.

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