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In many cases, the mutual heritage suffered so much under the wrath of those affected by the trauma that it was occasionally also destroyed. The the new city on a rectangular grid. All these forts are uniquely adapted to the American Continent, and they should all be considered in the future for an inclusive serial nomination for the World Heritage List.

Todos tuvieron una historia larga y relevante. Por primera vez se trazaba un plan defensivo de gran magnitud. The key link between the two locations was the military.

The overlay in red indicates the plan of Castillo de San Marcos in St. San Marcos, acting as an extension of the massive forts at Havana, was key to the protection of the cargo from the Caribbean, Mexico, Central and South America and the Philippines. Famosa, Portuguese fortress in Malacca, Malaysia. Portuguese, Dutch and British influence built around a natural hill near the sea.

Traders sailed around the globe and

Architecture is the most visible part of this heritage, which became an essential part of the urban and rural fabric. Fortress changed hands in. The improvements in stone were accomplished within the next year. Somos reacios al respecto. People exchanged and shared their cultures, skills, experiences and therefore created something new together, that was representative of their different cultures and societies.

Pero ninguno figura en la lista bajo el criterio como producto de un genio creador. Augustine and identical except for the orillons to Castillo de San Marcos. From then on, this small yet important presidio was largely dependent on Havana for support in men and goods. Augustine was founded in by Pedro Menendez de Avila, who soon after, out of necessity for the well-being of the town, was made Governor of Cuba. With time, this mutual or shared heritage became an essential part of the history of a country and the identity for its people.

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It is situated on the entrance to the harbor in the same manner as San Marcos. Respecto al garage-punk en castellano, se me vienen a la cabeza Los Saicos, aunque son peruanos. It became the heritage and helped to understand the history of mankind. Gracias al grupo por atender mis preguntas. The island of Puerto Rico was the easternmost defensive post of the routes of the galleons of the Spanish intercontinental trade route to and from the new world.

Nosotros vestimos como queremos, para bien o para mal. Augustine remained in the orbit of Cuba, and in when Florida was given to the British for the return of Cuba, almost every Spanish Floridian migrated to Cuba.

However this led to the creation of a rich built heritage left behind. Traders sailed around the globe and built trading posts, fortresses, administrative buildings, churches, new towns etc. This was part of a line of defences that were concentrated on protecting the inner Harbour, these also appear to have been given a low priority. They tell us the varied stories of the past. The Castillo is exactly the same plan that he had drawn for San Marcos in red except for the orillons.

However this led to the creation