Libro la quintrala online dating

Libro la quintrala online dating

She once tried to stab a priest who wanted to redeem her soul. She was the sister-in-law of an influential judge.

You can watch this for free on YouTube. Her beauty and wealth were only as legendary as her cruelty. She tortured a lover to death in her own cellar.

Her house stood empty for many

Any attempts to try and reform her evil ways met with catastrophic failure. But her relationship with the crucifix was just as tempestuous as with the other men of her life. She is said to have taken a personal hobby in slashing slaves, and indeed, it is recorded that the recurrent death of serfs under her care led to frequent fines issued by the authorities at the time.

Her house stood empty for many years after her death, as many believed that it was still haunted by her. She murdered her own father, Don Gonzalo de los Rios, by feeding him with a poisoned chicken. La Quintrala was born around into a family of rich landowners of Spanish and German origins.

She murdered her own father

As many of us tend to have a fascination with wicked women, La Quintrala has inspired an opera by a Danish composer, Lars Graugaard, and in Argentina produced a film about her. But her killer instincts were not limited to her subordinates. As time went on La Quintrala seemed to grow increasingly paranoid.

La Quintrala was born around into