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While Jayasurya gets to play a very critical role throughout the film, somehow I, as an avid movie watcher, did not feel any connect. He was simply himself playing a role. Just as he says this, there is an accident and Antony Moses loses his memory.

He transferred the amount to the account she had suggested. As I said, all of these were Chinese whispers. However, for the first time ever, I felt that Prithviraj as an actor, was totally uncomfortable in the last scenes that show his sexual encounters with his partner. Again it catapults you back into a fast pace. An actor of his stature deserves better.

It is the kind of score that sends goosebumps on your skin the way it whips up the frenzied mood of the chase with a most beautiful, calming sound to your agitated nerves. The conflict between the Navy personnel and the Kochi cops was always apparent.

He appointed managers and team leaders at every branch, offering them commission along with fixed salary. Lack of balance in characterizations.

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Trophy goes to Prithviraj who has probably taken the biggest risk in his career by portraying such a role. This film underplays it in the subtlest way to deliver a shocking blow to the audience towards the end.

He wrote in saying that he had read my review, thanked me for it and told me to correspond directly via his personal mail id anytime. The buzz that many of us have heard was that the entire police station was ransacked, cops were beaten up and the specific cop was burned alive. For instance, the roles played by Aparna and Shweta are so woefully short and they are fine actors. Pace of the movie is a baffling. At times the movie is too fast.

The exact number of the victims is yet to be ascertained. Throughout this film, the background score impresses, breaks out of typical filmy molds and succeeds to grab your attention for what it is - a rarity that deserves to be acknowledged.

The story begins with a phone call that Antony Moses starring Prithviraj makes to Farhan starring Rahman saying that he has solved the murder mystery of Aryan starring Jayasurya. None of this goes easy on the clueless viewer and does not heighten the suspense or the entertainment quotient of this thriller film. But then I thought - it's more important to look at the positive response than at anything else.

Antony Moses, Farhan and Aryan respectively. There was an unspoken agreement that if you mess with the Navy personnel or their families, cops would get hit back by the Navy personnel badly. Left with no option, he lodged a complaint with the police.

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The commissioner said the victims can lodge a complaint with the Cyberabad cybercrimes police. Rosshan Anddrews and I are from the same place - Palluruthy. It is a mistake to rope in such fine actors and not use them to their full potential.

No concrete evidence but the tensions were always apparent right there on the surface. There is a fast paced run-chase scene where he majorly uses the notes of a veena alongwith other unlikely accompaniments. From then, Farhan's attempt is to take Antony through people and places that are likely to trigger his memory so that they can solve the murder of their close friend and colleague Aryan.

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