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So you are saying that simply putting files into the iTunes Music folder as in thru the Mac Finder or Windows Explorer and they will automatically get added to the library? The guide will walk through how to set up automatic music-to-iTunes syncing on both Windows and Mac. When you're done with this guide, you're iTunes library will automatically sync up with any music you download, whether it's via BitTorrent, the web, or even Dropbox. If for some reason iTunes has a tough time adding something you've put in the Automatically Add to iTunes folder, assi el helani sa2alouni mp3 you'll see a new folder inside that folder named Not Added. It contains date-stamped folders of the stuff that didn't make it through the import.

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Love it or hate it, tons of people still use iTunes to manage their music library. To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. You'll likely want the behavior to vary depending on what kind of downloading you're doing, so I'll lay out a few different setups below. Kinja is in read-only mode. Download directly to itunes library More Less.

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Any way to download music straight on to itunes without downloading it from itunes? Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. Wouldn't this take some time? If you'd like Belvedere to ask you before attempting to move newly downloaded files to iTunes, click the Confirm Action checkbox. Who is a better performer James Brown or Tina Turner?

Belvedere Windows and Hazel Mac are automated file management tools that keep track of folders of your choosing and perform actions on files in those folders based on rules you set up. Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Follow him on Twitter and keep up with his Hack Attack features here on Lifehacker. This will show you where your iTunes music is stored.

How to Automatically Sync Any Song You Download to iTunes

If you're a Firefox user, you could also try an extension like Automatic Save Folder to detect and automatically download specific file types to specific folders. It will list the folder with no action on your part.

How to Automatically Sync Any Song You Download to iTunes

How to download music for free straight to iTunes on your iPhone? How can i download free music straight to itunes?

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This site has a hidden backdoor that you may want to try. The methods I use in the examples above will still work with Dropbox, but the author's setup uses an Automator action that Mac users may want to consider trying. It's a lightweight app, and I've never had problems running the scans every minute or less. What if you have a huge library?

All replies Drop Down menu. You would still need to open iTunes and select Add to Library. Answer Questions What would you say in this gameshow parody? Communities Contact Support.

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The basic setup is actually pretty simple. If you made it this far, you've also realized that you can approach this task from a hundred different angles.

When it matches, move the files to the iTunes watch folder. What's so hard about dragging folders to the iTunes library? Download directly to itunes library Is it possible to download directly from an outside source onto my pc and directly to library or do I have to first put in a folder and then drag to the library? Things get slightly more tricky when you're dealing with BitTorrent.

That was simple enough, right?

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