UpdatePanel Control Overview

Net user control not updating

Unfortunately, what it's actually doing is using the values of the controls before a change was made to them. Rendering script or markup directly during control rendering, such as by calling the Write method.

Another is when the EnableClientScript propertyIt's not seeing the change to

By default, importing Web Parts controls performs a full postback. Each user control exposes the UpdateMode property of the inner UpdatePanel control so that the property can be set explicitly for each user control. Text, it gives the original value. The code first populates the controls with the existing values from the database.

Text Box not updating in Web User Control

It works fine when I enter the data. One is when callbacks are enabled that are not part of an asynchronous postback. That is, it correctly sees that the TextBox control has changed from empty to having data.

It's not seeing the change to the controls. Another is when the EnableClientScript property is false the default is true. In that case, the control can work inside an UpdatePanel control. TreeView control under several conditions.

Another is if you change the value of the EnableClientScript property between asynchronous postbacks. If the control calls script registration methods of the ClientScriptManager control, you might be able to use corresponding script registration methods of the ScriptManager control instead. In the example, the employee-detail user control contains an UpdatePanel control.

All other controls work inside UpdatePanel controls. You can then make sure that the EnablePartialRendering property has been set to true before you add an UpdatePanel control to the user control. FileUpload and HtmlInputFile controls when they are used to upload files as part of an asynchronous postback. For more information, see Menu Control Overview.

In that case