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What happens to the personal information and photos I upload to create this Personalized Video? They will also want to share it with everyone they know! My room is usually so clean it sparkles like tinsel on a Christmas tree! Join the newsletter now to stay informed!

Sharing Videos on Twitter is quick and very easy! He knows when you're awake. Each day Santa will upload Reindeers for you to choose from! What are the benefits of purchasing the downloadable Keepsake version of the Personalized Video? Santa Claus list bad or good?

He knows if you've been bad or good. Get a reminder to come back to emailSanta. Are you sure you want to continue with this image? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. If a Letter from Santa has been ordered in addition to the Santa Key the key will be placed in the envelope with the Santa Letter.

Elf on the Shelf Nice List Certificate Printable

The key is magical so it will only work for Santa Claus and no one else. There, did I pass the quiz? It just kind of sits there.

He sees you when you're sleeping. It will be stored on our server for our use only. We know your data is important to you, and it is equally important to us! Just contact us by clicking here. Around the world in one night?

You can upgrade to the Keepsake version at any time, by logging into your Member Account. Once the terms and conditions have been accepted and the transaction is complete, modifications can no longer be made to any information or pictures. Where does Santa Claus live?

Well, sometimes I play nicely with others, even if they don't play nice I want to be a wrestler when I grow up so I practice on everyone I can find! If you help clean up after the reindeer do a boom-boom, sat to dwg converter then that's being nice. The Nice List Certificate is delivered on gold parchment paper.

You know, Honey, do this and Honey, do that. How do I access my PackageFromSanta. Hi guys, Diana from Peasy Prints here again to share a fun and interactive Christmas print!

Santa Sealed Letters

Claus letter with Santa Cookie Recipe. Videos can only be modified before the confirmation page.

Dry-Erase Activity Sheets

You will have to create a new video or place another order. It's easy, and a great way to share your memorable video with family and friends everywhere!

You will own it forever with endless enjoyment! Your information is confidential, secure, and is only used for purposes within our system. Noddy the elf is usually so busy making presents he doesn't have time to make nice lists! It never does what it's Dad asks it to do, but, then again, it's just a list so it doesn't have a Dad! So be good for goodness sake!

Nice List Certificate - Sealed By Santa

Do you tell the truth, even if you're asked if you were naughty? Thank you so much for sharing! Directly from the Big Guy in the Red Suit! Claus letter and even a night before Christmas activity book!

Packed into a small amount of the dry powder is an amazing reaction. Yup, it's that fancy thing just above me on this page.

This way you will have a magical keepsake forever! These printables are an absolutely adorable idea!

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Check Santa s Naughty or Nice List

Christmas Knock Knock Jokes! It doesn't clean up its room, but, then again, it doesn't have a room!

Dry-Erase Activity Sheets

How long will it be made available to view online? He knew what he had to do to stay on Santa's Nice List!

With a list as long as that, I'm surprised Santa isn't as grumpy as I am! It's a list of all the things she's asked Santa to fix but he hasn't yet. Oh yes, you must mean the list Mrs. This Certificate can be ordered individually or as an add on with a Personalized Letter from Santa. Our girls will love to receive these nice list certificates on Christmas!