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Nicholas Gonzalez's Net Worth Gonzalez has been a part of the industry for a long time and along with name and fame, he also earned an impressive income. Well Eva got over Nicholas her first true love of over a year, in. Eva has publicly stated that he was her first love was Nicholas. Later on, Alma Martinez, albures chingones yahoo dating an actress and Stanford professor inspired Gonzalez to be a professional actor. Gonzalez is of Mexican descent.

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He is an avid reader, consuming as many as eight books a week. The movie was released as She's in Love in Europe.

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Nicholas Gonzalez

She started dating Tyler and was able to get over Nick real quick for several reasons. He once declared that he felt happy when he is on stage. Eva is pretty much playing herself. For a while he was successful, but Eva would find everyway possible way to ruin any kind of relationship he had. Eva and Gabby have a hell of a lot in common.

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He did not let Eva out of his sight from then on. Nicks friends thought Eva to be crazy. Eva is not shy in the bedroom, this is not a woman who is all talk and no action. Not only because she has a cheating streak in her, but because Eva can get down and dirty.

Nick said no more and moved on because he realized Eva was just manipulating him and she did not want to leave Tyler despite their unhappiness. Nick tried to cut the affair off. His interest and love of literature, history, and poetry led him to two terms at Oxford University in England. There will be some interesting things reviled between those two in the next couple of months.

Gonzalez costarred in the Lifetime series Witches of East End. Gonzalez continued his career in films with two more titles. Alma Martinez, an actress and Stanford professor, encouraged him to become a professional actor.

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Eva would often call Nick and tell him how her husband, Tyler, would mistreat her and abuses her. However, less then a year into the marriage, Eva started seeing Nick again. He became an accomplished cross-country and track runner, winning the Texas State Championship in the mile and two mile. Perhaps this is why she manages to do such a great job on the show.

But he can not say that he was not warned. She would often meet him out when Tyler was away or whenever she could get away herself.