Noel Jones and LisaRaye McCoy relationship confirmed

Noel jones lisa raye dating

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Love you on Single Ladies. In fact, back in April of this year, the feisty and outspoken star chatted it up with Steve Harvey about getting to know God and struggling to keep her lustful desires at bay.

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LisaRaye began to search out scripture for herself though she admits it is difficult for her to understand. So, some things I'm not quite there yet, but, you know, Rome wasn't built in a day. And if I had the chanse o promiss I won't let u down I just want to love and care for someone like u and I know u will love me. But the two have chosen not to speak publicly about the details of their relationship at this time.

Anyway, LisaRaye, I admire you a lot and you are definitely a strong black woman. According to her, she feels Gods presence alongside her.

Most important have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. As for the backlash he may receive for his choice, his most recent tweet likely sums up how feels about any critics of his love life. And I saw on tv that u r u looking four love Iam to and I would love go have a chanse with this very beautiful women.

Noel Jones and LisaRaye McCoy relationship confirmed

Anyway LisaRaye I admire you