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Save your translations as Favorites and you will keep them even if you clear the History. Tapping on the speaker icon lets you hear the pronunciation of the translated phrase.

Translate without the internet

In addition to translation, the translator has inbuilt grammar checker tool that corrects spelling mistakes. Still, the best app I have seen. Another nice offering is the voice customization which allows choosing between a male or female voice when the application speaks. Needs more words and half the words only show an underscore. Once the languages are set, they can be easily changed between them with only a tap of a button.

What are its main features? Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. If you enjoy this update, please rate us and leave your vote in App Store.


Highly recommend to everyone who wanna travel to Japan! This software contains useful phrases for different situations, such as travel, transportation, emergency situations, food and accommodation. Best of all, some advanced translation software allows you translate offline. You might want to consider programs that are fully web-based if you want more advanced features.

Translator English-French. Would be better if we can choose the translate from language, ex from french to english.

It achieves this by displaying only what you need for the current translation so everything else remains hidden so as not to distract you. Hope this article was helpful. It also comes with an integrated dictionary. Use keyboard microphone and voice input to dictate texts for translation internet connection is required. In case the application misses a word or it misunderstood the phrase, tap the part of the screen where it is and correct it.

Another impressive feature is the offline support. This is yet another must-have when it comes to Android offline translator apps. So, stuff your phone with online and offline applications that can help you break down the language barrier that separates people from other countries. If the input English is correct, then the translation is also correct.

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My husband and I are going to Japan in May. With their last application a user can easily translate words or phrases in other languages by just speaking or typing them. It comes as a simple folder and you can run the. As of now, ili is best suited for travel phrases such as shopping, restaurants, making reservations, getting a haircut, and so on.

The best solution in such situations is to use one of many great offline translator apps for Android I am about to show you. FreeTranslator is a powerful offline translation tool that supports most of the widely spoken languages around the world. Love the automatic paste feature. The app also has the voice translation and text to speech features. As always, you have helped us to improve the translator.

The tool is a Bilingual translator which means you can translate from English to any language of the world and from any language to English. Language supported English United States. While other translators ask you to define the language you intend to translate, Babylon automatically recognizes the language. Then you will certainly like the below cool Android apps. You can tell they have put some work into it.

7-1 Offline Translator w.VoiceIli is made for your travels

Lonely Planet Offline Translator is made by the biggest travel guide book publisher in the world. Its main features include offline speech synthesis, automatic language detection, fully functional offline translation and advanced dictionary features. Besides the traditional writing, the application permits handwriting, voice recognition and optical character recognition. All in all Offline Translator is a great tool for people who like to travel and like to explore new horizons. Aperitum Offline Translator This is yet another must-have when it comes to Android offline translator apps.

There are hundreds of translations apps available in the market but almost all of them require internet connection to be able to translate even a single word. So, I have to manually correct the word endings every time. Translate offline and save on data roaming charges when you travel! View and select previously translated words and phrases.

After pressing the microphone and speaking your sentence the application will transform it in text which will be shown on the screen. Voice This is yet another great translator app for Android devices with text and speech recognition. Stay informed about special deals, the latest products, events, and more from Microsoft Store.

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In addition, coldplay politik mp3 Lonely Planet Offline Translator is bilingual so it allows translating from English to another language and also vice-versa. Click on below button to start Offline Translator Free Download. Offline French-Russian-French language pack.

Do you use your Android device as a translator? In addition to this if the app had audio to help with learn how to say the words the right way, this app would be a five star app. To use this application, just choose the preferred input and output languages and speak into your phone.

Use the Share button to send a text or a link for translation from other apps. Unfortunately, the device has to be connected to internet every time when the application is used. Available on Mobile device. Usually, English-Russian translators are terrible.

In this section you will discover some of the best translator apps for Android which work offline. It provides a variety of languages to choose from, good user-friendly interface and offers excellent support. Luckily, most app stores contain several translating applications that range from simple dictionaries to voice recognition software that can even talk in your place. Welcome to the essential Android apps series.

The app saves all your translations and you can also mark them as favorites in order to access them easily. Learning new languages and communicating with people of other societies is at your finger tips now. There are hundreds of translators on the internet but only a few have the capability to work offline.

Ili is made for your travels

The voice recognition system is very complex being able to recognize even tongue twisted and complicated phrases or word constructions. With this app in your hands you will feel free to roam here and there. The tool allows you to solely focus on the translation without anything else getting in the way. Google is a tech biggie which has roots spread in every domain.