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  • It would make you happy because it might be more comfortable than nicer clothes.
  • That was one of the first of your blog posts I ever read.
  • Months and years later the chick tells me i didnt seem interested so she went along with someone else.

Outcome Independence Why you can easily get girls when you don t care

Is the ultimate goal to present yourself in the best way possible and only then stop caring? You can still like the girl but not too the point where everything you do is based around her. You should give very few shits, and those should be very deliberately decided.

Outcome Independence is TRASH

Ocassinally is for me once or twice a month. After you get results meaning regular lays you can begin to work further away from your comfort zone and push yourself to improve. Do you wait for her to make contact next? Not sure where to go with that yet as wait to long maybe loses interest, to quick, sorority sugar speed dating and should be like eh. It was probably just getting an interest in learning how to get with chicks in general that helped you.

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Outcome independence dating

From its early days it has grown and matured like any science. How long did it take you to get consistent results, from zero to money, as they would say? Technically yes but in reality no. After reading this article, dating romanian I wrote down a similiar list and have been practicing this attitude.

What if you stay on the train but still find yourself staring out the window thinking about her? She is unable to visit me because of college. The manosphere is really a separate thing, and I agree it can often be like feminism with a penis. One of the easiest ways to know when a person is an independent thinker, and knows how to be happy. These men are always confounded and infuriated, and I mean infuriated, when these women act like the wonderful but irrational creatures they are.

Outcome Independence is TRASH

This is a really powerful technique since it transforms the interaction from you meeting her to you two being together. The degree depends on the audience. You become like a fucking flower to bees. But true seductionists love women, they are amazing and lovely, if somewhat alien, creatures. An important point raised there is whether being good with women can be analyzed with logic.

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No guy wants the clingy girlfriend. Then someone who was waiting for me to break up screwed my brains out about two weeks later. When you run out of girls in your area expand.

Have other things in your life that are so enjoyable you sometimes forget about the Woman Task. Arrange another date with someone else as well, if you can. It takes the needy edge off, which gives you an advantage.

Have you described somewhere in the past or in your books what steps should you take to increase your outcome independence? Guys, how does a beginner know exactly what outcome independence feels like if he never has had any results with women in the first place? Outcome Independence means that you are already satisfied, but want to be one ounce more satisfied. Dating is a big chore for men. My thing is why hang out with girl who tolerates that crap?

This means they love fucking and having sex until they get oneitis. Or continue to keep making excuses for yourself. Women are masters at picking up your vibe. The main point thought is that the seduction community is a growing body of knowledge. Or at least, encounters dating sunday times you stop thinking in those terms.

Outcome Independence Levels In Relationships - The Blackdragon Blog

The opposite is actually the case and due to that, I get a ton of insecurity from any woman I decide to date for a bit. Begin typing your search term above and press enter to search. You know I respect you and this place.

  1. No excuse you can make prevents you from getting laid.
  2. Or what if you suddenly felt like yelling at the top of your lungs in a mall because you were extremely happy?
  3. In the past, the needier I acted with my boyfriend, the more annoyed he became and the more he wanted to push me away.

Focus on solutions and assistance rather than whining like babies about the problems. You have got to always be sleeping with or at the very least as you said, working on other women. Its getting so bad that you can get a better value from a free video of theirs on youtube than going to a bootcamp. This is my desired outcome.

Outcome independence dating
Outcome independence dating

How To Be Outcome Independent While Still Having Goals and Desires

Having good people skills and a decent social circle and yes to some extent, getting your name out are all you need, as well as having your shit together of course. Good luck with your approaching mate. She keeps telling her friend she wonders what I look like.

No denying I felt very sad about it, but I never tried to bargain with them. Well I have a challenge with this recently. So I decided to test his statement out by seeing if there was any sexual tension between us.

Another technique I learned from Mystery is that when you are talking to her give her something to hold, or put some piece of clothing on her hat, scarf etc. It also keeps me happy and upbeat regardless of what happens. Notify me of new posts by email. Whereas many people take a very personalized micro-view of things. So check yourself before you wreck yourself.

Kept sending that stupid Rhianna song. Especially because women tend to like me the most. Women reject for a million reasons, many of which are out of your control.

Modern Life Dating

Then with the roster full, I stop doing cold approach. After she sucked my dick she told me the umbrella was huge. You try earnestly to get her back into your life, twice, and if both times she balks, stop contacting her for months, then re-ping again. Maybe, but not necessarily.

Very sad, desert dating i really really liked her. Obviously you want to be calibrated when meeting women or talking to friends. It has its good days and its bad days. Guys get needy when they focus on one women to the detriment of seeing other girls.

Everyone has to make money somehow. These are techniques that are very effective. Yeah, good luck with that.

Be committed but also stay Outcome Independent. It would be lovely to see your goals to get inspired! This is a good way to look at any complicated process or goal.

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