How to Hook Up a Pool Solar Heater

Solar pool heater hook up

Make sure each bracket is securely connected to the panel. Controllers may also feature freeze protection and circulate water in the event that it is cold enough to freeze in the panels and potentially damage them. Once they are flat and warm they will be soft so handle them carefully or you may puncture the material.

Some panels come with two to five straps depending on the mounting system. After unboxing them you cut the securing strap carefully and unroll and lay them in the sun so they flatten out.

Depending on the company, the mounting brackets may install slightly different. Follow the manufacturer's instructions when connecting them properly. Use a pencil or marker to indicate the mounting positions for the panel. Once the panels are secure, you are ready to plumb.

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For larger, steel-sided above ground pools there are a variety of manufacturers of much larger solar panels. Even one panel will add some heat. Panels can be installed for above ground and in ground pools, positioned in a variety of ways, and controlled manually or automatically. Mark where your straps will go.

How to Hook Up a Pool Solar Heater

You can use your existing pump to circulate water through black tubing which naturally absorbs heat from the sun and sends that heated water back to your pool. Next, disconnect the hose to the return and plumb it to the solar heater intake, then add another hose, fitting, and clamp from the solar heater output to the return fitting on the pool wall.

For snowbelt installations, it is recommended to install an array of solar panels with a slight pitch or angle, to facilitate drain down, for winterization purposes. As you add more panels you will want to line these up so the water flows in, back and forth, and then out. Over top of this triangular frame, you secure plywood and secure the solar panels to the plywood.

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Now you can turn on the pump, open up the by-pass valve and send the water to the solar panels. For other brands, water passes from one end to the other so there is no direction to worry about, making it even easier to plumb. Solar heaters come in a variety of shapes and sizes but the mechanics are basically the same. Repeat this for all the brackets.

Solar heaters replicate actual solar panels but use a series of black piping that the sun heats up as water is fed from the pump. It helps to have two people for this and putting a thick towel with a weight like a cinder block on each end will help hold it down otherwise they will spring back and re-roll.