Abby, Jenny, and Greg eventually come together and realise they must start again from scratch now that the civilization they once knew has been destroyed. Meanwhile, Abby is interviewed by Whitaker, the leader of the laboratory scientists. It depicts the lives of a group of people who survived a virulent unknown strain of influenza which has wiped out most of the human species. While away, Wormley's men have discovered their base and wait for their return.

The following morning, a seemingly more positive Anne leaves the house, watched by Vic. But Tom's anger is short-lived when his relationship with Anya takes a dramatic twist. Meanwhile, Anya and Greg confront some unwelcome visitors and learn some useful lessons about group solidarity. Mina becomes fond of John, a man she meets on a river barge, and agrees to meet him later, to serve him lunch in exchange for Wellington boots for the community. Greg makes it to a nearby settlement, where he meets a doctor who is dying of smallpox.

The mother and son are reunited for the first time in two years. Paul agrees to go to the nearest big-city hospital in Birmingham to collect it. After a heavy downpour, the others find that the crops have been washed out and the store of food in the cellar has been flooded and destroyed. Abby refuses, and her group manages to overcome the men and escape. Charles complains of their domineering approach, though he proposes they conduct trade and form a federation.

Members of Greg's group drive up, and they retrieve their petrol. Meanwhile, Abby arrives at a settlement run by a former Trade Union President, Arthur Wormley, and learns that he has some inside knowledge of the catastrophe from his contacts in the Government. One of them features Abby describing how she contracted the virus but survived. With a community now numbering nine people, Abby, Jenny and Greg begin working the land in an attempt to begin growing crops, while the others take on various chores around the manor.

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Initially, the two women bond, but Abby is appalled when she sees the lengths to which Samantha will go if she thinks her community is endangered. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. He arranges a meeting at the train station, at which various people reveal they are producing beef, chicken, pork, cheese, and honey, which they agree to trade with each other. She cuts her hair short, packs some essentials, then burns down her house, which contains her husband's body, and drives away.

They stay there for the night and discover the settlement has a fully functional windmill, which they allow local people to use in trade. She is furious, but Alec has decided to stay anyway and helps the men work on their generator.

Nothing since has been heard of this rumour. The trio leaves the following day. Popular writer Terry Nation whose work included many scripts for Doctor Who created the series, but he left the show after the first series due to disputes with producer Terence Dudley.

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Despondent, Abby drives home and decides to move on in search of other survivors. However, when the boat returns, two other men have taken residence, and John is nowhere to be found, though one of the men is wearing John's hat. On realising the notes and map notations are written in Norwegian, the men go to the community to capture Agnes, to translate for them.

After facing her personal demons, particularly over the death of Jenny Collins, Anya goes on to successfully deliver a breech birth. Peter Bowles as David Grant ep.

Was this review helpful to you? Fearing for their safety they leave the area the next day, with Abby vowing to continue searching for her son. It is probably just as well. Arriving back at the church they find a tramp, Tom Price, c compiler windows xp has taken shelter at their house.

Agnes tells Charles that they have a million gallons stored there. One of the women in the community, Mina, is receiving much unwanted attention from Hubert, who has taken a liking to her. Al and Sarah enjoy their new romance. Meanwhile, Lawson has met up with two friends and tells them of the tanker.


They follow, but after a failure of the brakes, Greg has parked it in a barn. The final national television broadcast is from Samantha Willis, who addresses the nation and urges the populace to keep calm and to wait for the government to retake control of the situation.

Greg and Jenny see smoke and aim for it. Jenny arrives and inquires about Greg's whereabouts. There is a Tom Price in the s novelisation and series. He tells Greg and Charles to go, but Ruth must stay. Due to audience complaints about this the production crew replaced the cameras.

He meets up with Jenny, Agnes, and Hubert there. The third opens the fuel tank, allowing the petrol to spill onto the ground and states his intention to spill all of it, and Greg shoots him dead. Coming to his senses, Alec agrees to help and goes with them. He frees the slaves, who take brutal revenge on their enslavers. Joy invites Charles to present his proposal to the group, but Max tells them to leave, for their own safety.

The survivors move on to a new settlement led by Charles Vaughan. The group says they were driven from their land by a large band of thieves roaming the area.

Learn more More Like This. In the book, her companion was named Vic, not Bob, and in the s series, she was named Anne Tranter.

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Tom agrees to join their settlement, and they begin trashing Abby's group's possessions. On arrival, they discover that many in the settlement have become mortally ill from poisoned fish. While Naj leaves graffiti messages for Abby, Tom steals supplies from other survivors. Trivia Carolyn Seymour was dropped after the first series due to a difficult relationship with producer Terence Dudley. They encourage him to face his fears, which brings him to a breaking point.

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The three men find him, steal the tanker, and drive away, speeding down a hill. She comes across Tom Price, who offers her food in return for favours. Ruth examines her and makes a list of needed medical supplies. Jenny escapes and shoots a guard, while Charles learns that it is actually a medical research centre, and the military aspect is a facade to ward off looters.