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It's cloud-based, but also gives you the option to work even when you are not connected to the Internet just by enabling offline editing. You can get started with eMaze for free and create new presentations with just a few clicks. You may choose to have student s on their own redo the Vegemite example with which they are familiar or ask them to do a slight variation like a ham sandwich. Now, how about a video presentation for your students?

Haiku Deck helps you focus on creating powerful presentations. Home Teachers Lesson Ideas Introducing algorithms. Are the instructions clear and explicit? Which of these tools are you planning on using first? Keynote App Have you ever wondered how to create a presentation directly from your iPad?

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Tellagami is a free app that you can use to create animated video presentations with a character that resembles you. Even longtime PowerPoint users switched to Keynote simply because it works better. Ask students to arrange the instructions in the correct order.

Even when your students miss your class, they can easily access your videos and it would feel like a face-to-face lecture. Students may draw the steps instead of writing the step by step instructions. When it comes to creating presentations, the most common software is Microsoft PowerPoint and Apple Keynote. Ask students to imagine they are providing the instructions to a computer. Free registration is limited and always fills up quickly.

7 Alternative Presentation Tools for Classroom Use

Digital Technologies Hub is brought to you by. While you don't have to use Keynote on other devices to use the app version, this app is especially useful for those who have Keynote access on a computer as well. The general version may still be used by educators, but the edu version has extra features and no in-app purchases for teachers and students to enjoy.

Share the Tellagami example with the class. There are two versions of the app available, the free general version Tellagami, vikadakavi movie and the paid education version Tellagami Edu.

7 Alternative Presentation Tools for Classroom Use

Follow Us Create an Account Already have an account? But it's easy for students to get distracted or pulled in another direction, with so many options available via their mobile devices. If you are out looking for a fresher and more seamless alternative to PowerPoint, Google Presentation can be your best bet. This program aimed to empower teachers and students by giving them a new way to express themselves in the classroom. Support the students to consider the use of arrows.

Your email address will not be published. The team with the most balls in their hoola hoop at the end of the game is the winner. Explain that these instructions would take a long time to write and even longer for a larger grid with more coloured squares.

Support students to understand why order is important when undertaking some tasks. You may wish to use tangible objects instead of a paper grid. The grid can be made using pipe cleaners or similar. You can also opt to import your PowerPoint presentations if you want to add other features like dynamic text or movements to your images for a better visual presentation for your students. Since it is cloud-based, it also allows you to edit or update your presentations on other handheld or mobile devices on any computer, mobile device, and other devices anywhere online.

They encouraged users to complete their unfinished movies and download their completed movies before that date. Learning reflection Encourage students to reflect on the task and share thoughts. For those who have access to Keynote on a computer, you can sync your presentations via iCloud so you always have access to the most recent versions.

Experienced educator Chris Casal also shows you how to use the app to work on and show presentations that were originally created with the desktop version of Keynote. Millions of users prefer Haiku Deck for its simple-yet-seamless interface. These tools can only do so much.

They convey their instructions to peers and evaluate the work of others to determine if the outcome was successful. This undoubtedly helps students avoid unnecessary distractions and to focus on the discussion.

7 Alternative Presentation Tools for Classroom Use - Simplek12

Tell them their task is to use the arrow symbols to provide the instructions instead of the words used previously. Discuss the importance of order when writing a program set of instructions to follow. Knovio and Nearpod have very limited free plans. Also, would you recommend using this for whole class presentations or as an interactive tool in station teaching? Your information is safe and will never be shared.

7 Alternative Technology in the Classroom Presentation Tools

Take a look at some of my favorite free alternative presentation tools that go beyond the basic slide show. The concept behind ThingLink is simple. Overall, this is one superb presentation tool for teachers and students alike. This is a great way to upgrade your old presentations and give them a new look and feel. Knovio is a presentation tool that gives you the chance to present information in hundreds of creative ways.

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