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Penny helps them deal with the thief. Leonard keeps an affair secret from Sheldon, Howard and Raj. Sheldon and Amy recruit Leonard to research and write citations for their paper on super asymmetry.

When Sheldon calculates the technology to download his consciousness into a robot won't be invented soon enough, he desperately tries to find a way to increase his lifespan. Though at first his attitude is dismissive, Sheldon eventually becomes obsessed with discovering the trick's secret, as even Penny could figure it out. As a result, Howard returns home, where his mother, did not know that Howard had moved out. Calling together several Nobel Laureate winners for Sheldon and Amy's event. Leonard and Priya start their relationship.

She likes to imagine their first kiss was one they shared on Leonard's birthday, which pleases him. Amy tells him that Leonard is the nucleus of their social group and not Sheldon.

The fourth season received particular praise for character developments. Melissa Rauch and Mayim Bialik were upgraded to the main cast during the fourth season as Dr. She then invites Leonard to dinner the following night to talk more about his research, despite none of the guys, including Leonard, feeling like they did anything right at the fundraiser.

It is then revealed to the audience that the card trick is just a prank played by Howard, Raj and Penny on Sheldon. Now Leonard and Priya are dating and since she lives with Raj, Leonard and Howard decide to have dinner there instead of the normal venue which disturbs Sheldon who prefers their place. Raj unable to sleep with Anu.

Penny stops by, stays for dinner and the both of them get drunk from the wine Raj served. Getting called into Human Resources for Amy's outburst, Mrs. Wheaton too finds Sheldon holding the movie reels, leading to a mob of angry Raiders and Wheaton chasing the four from the theater, mimicking the opening scene of Raiders of the Lost Ark. Raj is depressed everyone else has a relationship and asks his father to arrange a marriage.

The next night, Leonard again has dinner with Mrs. Despite eventually acknowledging Leonard as the leader of the project, Sheldon continually criticizes Leonard's leadership in the development of the app. Amy and Sheldon give it to Pemberton and Campbell, as they refuse to blackmail them. At the fundraiser, the guys are introduced to Mrs. Penny being valued as a saleswoman at the pharmaceutical conference.

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That night, Priya sneaks into Leonard and Sheldon's apartment unknown to Sheldon and has sex with Leonard. Penny's frequent bathroom trips make Sheldon fear she is sick. This proves to be a failure, as Amy finds out that Zack is extremely stupid, which turns her off. Howard dresses as Sheldon for Halloween at work, hurting Sheldon's feelings.

At the meeting with Danny, Bernadette steps in to say Penny is the best saleswoman she knows and Penny agrees to keep working for Bernadette. Later when Leonard talks to her in an attempt to convince her to come to the party, Penny reveals that she got back together with Zack only because she did not want to spend New Year's Eve alone. President Siebert invites the guys to Caltech that Saturday. Amy finds she has sexual feelings for Penny's ex-boyfriend Zack, while Raj and Howard try to prove who would be the better superhero.

Later, Amy enters Penny's bedroom. Priya forces Leonard to choose between a relationship with her or a friendship with Penny.

The Desperation Emanation. Meanwhile, Bernadette's drug has been approved and she wants to promote Penny to lead the marketing team. Bernadette finds out and makes him sell it since it's too dangerous. Howard's use of a robotic arm for masturbation.

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When he tries to avoid a coughing patient on the way back, he seeks shelter in a random room. Davis tells her and Sheldon they are blowing their chances at the Nobel Prize. Sheldon abruptly calls for a vote to change the team's leadership, resulting in Leonard kicking Sheldon off the team.

Leonard calls him out for being rude, but Sheldon flees when he sees Penny emerge from the newly repaired elevator. Amy and Sheldon use the members of their social group for an experiment on the spread of gossip. After returning to her apartment following dinner, Penny breaks down crying, which confirms that she still has feelings for Leonard.

Priya has begun to dominate in her relationship with Leonard, buying him new clothes which Leonard is not comfortable with. They decide it must be a clue to a scavenger hunt to the real gift. When Priya finds a loophole in the roommate agreement to throw Sheldon out for the night, Penny, Amy and Bernadette take him to a nightclub. He decides to end their platonic friendship.

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List of The Big Bang Theory episodes. List of The Big Bang Theory characters. Sheldon is still despondent over the disproving of his and Amy's theory on asymmetry. Pemberton, chaloops font accidentally prove Sheldon and Amy's super-asymmetry theory.

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Leonard's desperation in wanting a girlfriend. Elsewhere, Sheldon thinks that Leonard and Penny have got back together, unaware they are faking it.

Annoyed, Penny storms off to her bedroom. The Bus Pants Utilization. Sheldon and Amy Farrah Fowler are very compatible with each other. Much to his horror, it turns out to be a bio-hazard room, where he is exposed to a deadly disease. President Siebert makes the gang attend a fundraiser for the university.

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Therefore, she proposes to use Bernadette to spy on Priya and spread disinformation about Penny and Leonard. Meanwhile, Raj does not want to have Howard join him in his show at the planetarium, thinking he'd just use his astronaut status to make it about himself. He says he only does it to remind himself to be intimate with her.