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For instance, they standardize the process making it easier for different functions to work together. It's big and top-down and dictatorial, while the Japanese is smaller and closer to the worker and customer and more nimble, etc. This book is an important work in the business literature. Yes, they lost their way, but are still a force in the industry.

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Yes, they lost their wa This book is an important work in the business literature. They exhaustively documented its advantages over the mass production model pioneered by General Motors and predicted that lean production would eventually triumph. Shows how the continuing use of cost and efficiency per part produced as the prime motivator in a company can be disastrous. There were a couple things that stood out for me in this book. My library Help Advanced Book Search.

The management part, however, was the least sophisticated, which is expected, since they were at the beginning of the process. Authors Womack, Jones, and Roos provided a comprehensive description of the entire lean system. He went on to become the founder of the Lean Enterprise Institute, Inc.

In clear and compelling terms, this book explains what lean production is, and its global implications for all of us. The authors, Womack, Jones, and Roos, suggest that lean production can be used outside of automobile manufacturing by adapting its principles to traditional mass production of many kinds. Ford compared to the Japanese style of lean production i. Yeah, I wasn't getting that.

Hardcover eBook Unabridged Audio Download. No eBook available SimonandSchuster. If you approach it with some patience and curiosity, you will likely learn a few things. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.

Open Preview See a Problem? However, it's pretty outdated, which reduces it impact and direct applicability. In my opinion, this system can make it very difficult to start a new business.

Book compares the progression from craftsmanship by hand and custom manufacturing with mass production and lean production. Selected pages Title Page. And most people would be better off living in communities where you didn't need them. See full terms and conditions and this month's choices. This book outlines the enormous tasks facing Western companies in the s and has cogent messages for Japanese firms as well, as they move abroad.

The book does not give any practically methodology on how to convert a non-lean production system over to a lean one, but there are many other books out there that can delve into this further. It's a history book, not a conversion manual. Also, the title of this book is absurdly overblown.

The Machine That Changed the World by James P. Womack (ebook)

Some of the smartest already have begun to do so. It wasn't until Henry Ford revolutionized mass production for his automobiles that made it possible for minimally-trained workers to assemble cars quickly and efficiently. There are lots of great examples about mass production and lean improvement in Ford Company. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Large amount of statistics and graphs that were satisfying to me. It shows that being defeatist about the Japanese threat, and tougher protectionism, are not the answers. The writing style of the book is comprehensive enough to be useful for current managers, yet readable enough to be engaging for those who are new i. But accomplishing this is not easy.

It is therefore no surprise that new entrants have to rely on foreign suppliers. Having said that, this is a fantastic book. Twice in this century the auto industry has changed our most fundamental ideas about how to make things. Or anyone in consuming because this is what created our world of inexpensive products.

Performance bonuses were dependent on the group performance, not individual. This book can be interesting for the people who are in auto business and industry, or have a passion for cars and whatever relates to cars. The authors had surveys and contact with car manufacturers and summarized the results in the book.

The book is just the final outcome of a long study done by the authors of the car manufacturing business. They were able to eliminate much of the waste inherent in Ford's system, making smaller batches of parts to be used as needed as opposed to stocking larger quantities.

The book was interesting at the beginning when it talked about the history of lean production and improvement. The book is just the final outcome of a long study done by the A disappointing book. This book can be interesting for the people who are in auto business and industry, I read this book for one of my Six Sigma, continue improvement class. Though accomplishing standardized process is not easy, it is essential. Bibliographic information.

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Good book for anyone interested in improving a process or production. Though its practically just a history kind of book. The lack of this kind of stability on Western companies have impacts on their ability to actually implement Lean. Great for anyone in manufacturing. This article about a book on engineering is a stub.

And the interesting part being, most points in lean manufacturing boil down to simple logic rather than some crazy equations to achieve their goals. The classic, nationally bestselling book that first articulated the principles of lean production, with a new foreword and afterword by the authors. It also talks about Toyota and other car companies who adopted lots of changes in their manufacturing process based on their market knowledge. Want to go and buy a Toyota now.

The Machine That Changed the World

The Machine That Changed the World

The Machine That Changed the World (book)

Still, dungeon blitz hack engrossing read on the culture and processes behind the manufacturing machine. Machine that Changed the World Free Press paperback. The Machine That Changed the World points for the first time to a positive way out of this dilemma. This is an excellent read and I regret that I waited this long to read it.

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Automotive engineering Lean manufacturing Technology book stubs Engineering stubs. Although focused on the automotive sector, it gives a fairly compelling case for the adoption of lean in virtually any industry. Good overview about lean production through the examples in car industry. Price may vary by retailer.

There are a lot of details in the book and it was a bit overwhelming to the point of sounding repetitive. This goes on for hundreds of pages, and I kept looking for something new that I could apply more broadly to other business, but I wasn't finding anything.

As someone I know use to say, the process sets you free. The updates are particularly useful additions.