Timpe Salosen syyte hylättiin, ex-kihlatulle vankeutta Jenni Dahlmanin kiristämisestä

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Everything was supposed to be in order at Ferrari. But the race was only in the beginning. Neither one of the friends knew that the situation would look even more critical after Indianapolis. Alonso chose a driving line which forced Hamilton out of the track and after the Spaniard also went off the track it looked for a moment that he wouldn't be able to continue the race.

In the next race

They thought that Nigel Stepeny had started to sabotage Ferrari. People might laugh and say that it's nothing new when talking about stars. Kimi met his current partner Mittu Vertanen in after his split from Jenni was announced but before their divorce was finalized. At one point it looked like they would force each other out of the race.

Kimi has always walkedFerrari and Kimi didn't yet knowWhen coming in

After that you can expect him to drive top speed laps as if he would be driving on a familiar track. The drivers usually put their helmet on already in the garage, afterwhich you can't get face-pictures until after the race has ended. The opinion was backed up by the information that the Finn was about to start his Ferrari-contract.

They were the comet of the season Lewis Hamilton, the double champion Fernando Alonso and his own team mate Felipe Massa. In the next race in Hungary we saw how two equal drivers raced over which one was more equal than the other one. Kimi has always walked his own path. Kuvaja thought it was because of the hard pressures at work.

Karaoke was also in the picture. That's why he has adjusted worse to the sponsor duties his employers have put on him than a mediocre driver has. Hamilton's mild nervosity was visible already in the beginning of the race. After he returned to Britain there were reporters and photographers following each move he made.

Kovalainen can relax but the time and place for it has been carefully considered beforehand. Each race is so deeply it's own entity that even small details can turn everything around. The British media started to praise Hamilton already in Melbourne. Afterall he gives an extra pepper to each story, which rises the storyteller's status by many notches.

They were the comet

When coming in to the pitlane Hamilton drove out in a tight corner with a very slow speed, almost crawling speed. Ferrari and Kimi didn't yet know each other well enough.

He was also seen in the cabin without the monkey suit according to the papers. Yet his message isn't good enough for the rest of the world.

It was clear that only a miracle could heal their inflamed relationships. Yet he thanked through his spokesman Riku Kuvaja and he mentioned especially the support his parents have given to him.

But hopefully the bottom was already visible - you can only go up from there. Since so few matters seem to be sacred these days the readers get numb by what they read.

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