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An arrangement of Guang Liang's song Tong Hua. Gentle, peaceful, sad, fruity loops 10 full version with crack those emotionals come to me when it's on.

Hi Linch, I will check it out, and if I like it I will translate. Newer Post Older Post Home.

It is a beautiful song with nice music and tempo. Aku tak kan menjadi pangeranmu. Malaysia is rightfully proud to claim Guang Liang as their own. As an English-speaker studying basic level Chinese, and having encountered this song which, like many other people, now consider it a favourite since I moved to Taiwan, this is really helpful. Can the songs be organise in alphabetical order so that searching is easier?

Lagu Mp3 Mandarin Tong Hua - Michael Guang Liang

For intermediate piano, with fingerings and lyrics in Traditional Chinese. Hi, So glad to come across this website. Sejak terakhir kali ku mendengarmu. Thank you for visiting and have a great year. Could you try to find the video on youtube?

It would be good to have a link of that video you saw, so I can check it out. Mungkin kau tak bisa mengerti, tapi saat kau bilang kau cinta padaku. Add Videos on this page Add a video related to this sheet music.

It is a good drama and I like it too. Kau menangis dan mengatakan kepada ku dongeng adalah kebohongan.

Happiness and joy in the end. Thank you for visiting the site. Hi Lager, No problem, I will do it. The lyrics are just so meaningful but although I'm still unable to remember it by hard, I'm enjoying the wonderfully composed music which is just heavenly. Tell me your favorite story.

Just email me the lyrics if u guys have found it. Aku bersedia menjadi satu-satunya di dongeng. So I hope I can hear of other different resources you have, that will be helpful to Chinese learners. Hi Linz, Can you please provide the Chinese title for the song as well as the singer?

One of my favourite songs! You can type song titles, singers or grammar questions etc. You cried and told me fairy tales are lies. Thank you for putting so much effort to help people around the world learning Chinese. Hi, I will check it out, and if I like it, I might translate.

Tong Hua Fairy Tale Guang Liang Midi

Hi, just stumbled onto yr blog and read this lovely post of yours. This song touches my heart for some reason and I want to understand. Do the site search on these. Click the link and you will find the lyrics, pinyin, English translation, and of course, video too. Do not see this window again for the duration of the session.

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Bertanya-tanya apakah aku telah melakukan kesalahan. Hi Ben, I will check it out, if I like the song I will translate it. Pseudo This is your nickname on free-scores. If I like the song, I will translate, but if not, then not. Wondering if I have done something wrong.

Memberitahuku cerita favoritmu. You are welcome to Google it. Hi Chan, It is a good idea.

Proudly powered by WordPress. Write our ending together. Could you help me to translate this song? Although I don't speak and understand Chinese, I am attracted by this one.

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Anyway you can translate this song word for word in pin yin and English please. Maybe you can't understand, but when you said you loved me. Then i came upon this song and i loved it from the start. Public Not listed Private.

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Since the last time I heard you. Hi Ethan, I will check it out. Keep up the good work, and help the World learn Chinese! Very touching and meaningful lyrics.

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This is a great effort of you man. You must believe that we will be like those inside a fairytale. You have done a great job! Yet you can find it by watching the link above.