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Mansem confronts Dohem, whose true form is Bei. However, a stranger defeats a group of Gang Hoods when they try to steal the Regal Mammoth.

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They meet up withMeanwhile Tina discovers Komatsu and Mansam

Meanwhile, various shady figures become interested in Toriko's movements. The book profiles major characters, with brief side stories not appearing in the manga and color posters by Akira Amano. Toriko decides to enter the arena and appears before the Battlewolf. Rin tells them that her brother has captured a Regal Mammoth on an island.

Mansem orders Rin to shut down the Battle Fragrance machine, but it continues to pour out Battle Fragrance as the machine malfunctions. They journey to the jungle forested area of the Baron Archipelago, where Toriko observes that the normal predators are far from their deep jungle habitat.

Mansem confronts Dohem whose trueMansem orders Rin to shut downHowever a stranger defeats a groupMansem orders his men to fire

They meet up with Chief Mansam, who tells about the Gourmet Corps, the evil organisation trying to take control of the world's ingredients and is targeting the Regal Mammoth. Meanwhile, Tina discovers Komatsu and Mansam while filming the fight.

They journey to the

Mansem orders his men to fire the laser cannons on the robot, revealing its core antenna. They enter a cave labyrinth to make their way towards an underground beach passage. After a chance meeting with Sani, the group visits Teppei's master, a renowned - and rowdy - Reviver. Coco, who has the ability to see the future, agrees to help, although he foresees an aura of death around Komatsu.

Meanwhile, Komatsu is taken captive by another hunter looking for the Puffer Whale. The Gourmet Hunter says that the Mammoth has been called a food treasure.

As they descend and approach the beach, they encounter some bats. They decide to find the Seafood Fruit and make Chopper eat it to heal the reindeer. Komatsu goes missing and Toriko and Coco are approached by a fearsome Devil Python. The stranger reveals that his name is Sani and is a member of the Four Heavenly Kings. The antenna flees from the attacks, but is obliterated by the beast Ricky.