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That's how I protected myself. Then I swam and tried to grab whatever I could reach.

Some died waiting for rescue. Our group had to leave the area by boat, but they were chased by government intelligence agents all the way back to Rangoon and were lucky to escape without being arrested. After that, I went out in a boat and it was worse. The film is narrated throughout and you empathize with the frustration of the narrator because as the audience we are as powerless to stop the killing as he is. For year-old cameraman Sam, bearing witness to such stories as Silver Moo's and seeing first hand the carnage in the delta left him deeply shaken.

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The only option was to film covertly. It earns them just enough to buy rice and vegetables, which they supplement with offcuts given to them for helping the local fish seller.

Some people were hanging at the top of the trees, dating hot and cold man some were struck by the arrow-like rain and at last gave up and died in the water. This isn't an indie film crew trying to do a story on the Burmese in the safety of the local Holiday Inn.

This is what Democracy looks like. French and American naval ships bearing supplies waited offshore for two weeks until, lacking official permission, they were forced to withdraw. The early footage Williams received, smuggled across the Thai border then sent on to Quicksilver Media's offices in Oxford, was patchy. My sister and I want to stay together until we die.

Foreign journalists were banned in Burma. You will recognize some of the footage if you were watching the news on Burma at the time. And then the most incredible acts of defiance in the face of almost certain death. You need to watch this film. People died to give you this footage.

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Villagers know who is who, and if you are in danger the villagers will help you out. This film made me cry a couple times and tears don't come easily to me. In the footage you can feel the nervousness of the people, the fear of being disappeared.

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