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Save it to easy-to-find location. If you install this full Android game, you'll play for hours and you'll surely have a lot of fun! If you love Simulation apps for Android like we do, share your love using the social buttons below to let your friends know about us! Really annoying having to switch between apps when I want to find my.

The ability to resize, flip and relocate the Weaphone assures perfect fit no matter the size of hand or screen. The caliber, the modifications, mag capacity, sound. Its a bit limited at some point with the amount pf guns but id still get another app if there was one. There is no better simulation.

Your message has been sent successfully! But could you please add more guns, and a feature which lets you combine all the apps into one? Switch off the safety, load the magazine, rack the slide and fire, all without having the cops called on you.

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However it does need more weapons. You will love its gameplay for sure. This app is very fun and recommend for people that like simple simulation s! Visit our dedicated Forum! Why paying for Google Play full versions?

Weaphones Firearms Simulator. Welcome to the world of Weaphones, the ultimate firearms simulator for your phone or tablet. Blurring the line between digital and physical, Weaphones combines the two to create a fully interactive real world experience. Anyone interested in real firearms manipulation should try this. Before you start, you will need to download the apk installer file, solo antivirus 2010 you can find download button on top of this page.

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With this apk game you will not be bored in your free time. Guns even jam occasionally requiring you to manually eject the stuck round out, re-insert magazine, power stroke and shoot. This is an amazing app but my only complaint is there is not enough guns and that is including your other app. Flip Trickster - Parkour Simulator. Love the app but would love if we could get a few more weapons, it's been awhile since any new ones were added.

Receive updates via email! Sound effects, smoke effects all very satisfying. You can also download air. Apart from that the game is perfect.

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Very fun and can be educational, especially if you don't know the basic mechanics of these very realistic guns. The weapons operate like they should. You can also download older versions of this game on bottom of this page.

Facebook Twitter YouTube Reddit. The sound effects are also satisfying and never get old.

Weaphones Firearms Sim Vol 1 Apk Android

It has lots of well known guns from Call Of Duty which I love but I had to change the names of some because they didn't have their proper names e. Please do more You're probably not going to take advice from someone named Dr.

Humpy, but I think you could do more with this app. Fixed in the latest update. It's okay It's cool and fun.

But as of right now it's kind of bland since there are no new weapond. That is a Oscar winner in my world.

But not enough to keep people interested for too long. Please write in English only, thank you. The best weapon sim out there!

Below you will find a detailed step-by-step guide, but I want to give you a fast overview how it works. Installation Instructions.

Weaphones Firearms Sim Vol 1 Apk Android

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