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The main menu will be enabled anyway. Data Protection Rarely used. This can rescue a chip, because it allows you to terminate the erase-programming operation if you have started the wrong batchfile by mistake, etc.

Please what can I do to resolve this issue? Thank you vero much in advance for your replly and your tutorial. During programming, a progress indicator and the current status is also displayed in the tool window. Would allow in-circuit programming without a volt programming pulse, for the expense of a port bit. The programmer works for simple led blink.

Can anyone help me with it? Sir, I am aged but interested in micro controllers.

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Hi pharoah, I had the same problem as you. Wonderful goods from you, man.

The websites listed above are under the sole control, copyright and responsibility of the authors of those pages. Last not least because this program is freeware, the entire risk of its use is with you - read the disclaimer if you haven't yet. It remains open on top of any window, even if it doesn't have the focus, and even if WinPic's main window is minimized. If it is always present, why is there a jumper? Back to the Software Overview.

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Contains everything you need to run WinPic, including the help system. The name is the last file you selected for loading from WinPic's file menu. If WinPic doesn't work for you, try one of those other programmers out there. Hi Usman please connect the jumper as in the diagram to make it programming mode, of racing games for pc pleas click connect on the action in the software to detect the programmer.

Whithout this modifcation, the voltage at Vpp! Furthermore the used names do not indicate patent rights or anything similar. More details on that here. As a beginner I am still learning abaut programming metods. Programmable devices are listed on the Features page.

It works fine with Proteus. Please, where is possible to download firmware? Any ideas on how to fix this issue? Poor choice clamping diodes.

All the connections are correct. Selecting certain menu items also cancels evaluating the command line. Please help me out to solve the problem. If you need the sources, ask for them. Since WinPic is now distributed with an automatic installer, you simply select where it shall be installed after reading and agreeing to the disclaimer.

You should build a more advanced programmer! Also has some features to test the programmer interface. This is an educational website. This is only intended for small code patches, if you are sure what you are doing!

Hi Jan piere, Of course, we tested the circuit and we are using the same circuit for our development. Pls your respond is urgently needed. Best of luck to you and blessings. You can order it as a complete kit from Dontronics.

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Notify me of new posts by email. Hi I just finish assembling my own usbprogrammer based on your circuit. They have programmable supplies for Vpp and Vdd.

Permission is granted to use, modify, or redistribute this software so long as it is not sold or exploited for profit. Power-Up timer Consult Microchips datasheet.

Check the voltage at the serial interface before deciding to build this extremely simple programmer. In other words, the entire risk is with you! The last important message will be displayed in the status line on the bottom of the main window. Because of the increased number of chips supported, I've changed the Processor selection to a drop-down box.

Help file including with this software. Hi where can I found the firmware for the programmer, pls share.

Your quick response will be highly appreciated sir. Today I upgraded the firmware in the standalone programmer to the version that came with the. You can download the last version of the help file from here Download HelpFile. So please Help me to resolve it as soon as possible. Any response is appreciated!

It seems to me that they are alright. All these interfaces do not use the serial port's data lines the way they were intended to be used. Checking device manager shows an unknown device, and no matter how I try to update the driver, the programmer is not found. Kindly tell me what was the wrong? Because this program is freeware, the entire risk of its use is with you.

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